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Published: 09-10-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Speech for your homework

Each college in the world at one point has provided their students homework on weekends and holiday breaks, and that isn’t fair to the students.

Each and every year students must go to school ten out of the 12 months in a year. Each week us students have college five out of the 7 days. We wake up at 6 or earlier to get ready for college which begins at 7:30am and dont get out till 2:12pm! That is not like students who play sports or other out of college activities. Practice for sports like football can last from right after college to around 5pm. If there is a game that day, you normally dont get home till about 8:30. If you have an away game, sometimes you dont get home till 10pm or later! We just want to unwind after a tough day of finding out, but the work is not over just becuase college is out for the day. We get homework.

So we are in college for about 7 hours and at our sport. In addition, hours of homework. That is why we have the weekends. On the weekends, we are suppose to enjoy ourselves, relax, hangout with friends, sleep in and other items we appreciate. Sadly, we can not do that. Teachers typically give us weekend homework. We were suppose to have entertaining, we had our weekend planned out. Now, we have homework. We are now cramming to finish our homework so we can hangout, and truly have fun. Unfortunately, by the time you know it, the weekend is more than! We never ever got to hang out with close friends given that our parents never ever let us leave the house until all homework and chores are completed! What is truly poor, is on holidays we get breaks with homework. Our households celebrate holidays by spending time with pals and family at a get-with each other. The problem is the homework delays the celebration. I have heard some teachers say, “Just becuase your going on break for a vacation, that doesnt imply it is a finding out getaway.”

Now we wasted our complete holiday break/weekend carrying out homework! Now Monday comes about and we have yet another week of operate.The weekend is when us students are suppose to have a break from stressed trigger from work. Of course, I do realize why the teachers give us homework. They just want us to pactice what we learned in class so we will get a great grade. I completely understand, but that is why they must give us homework for the duration of the school week, not on the weekends.
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