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Published: 20-09-2019

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Symbolism in Chains: Analyzing the Novel

Bees creating a commotion in somebody’s brain, a bright red hat, and a water pump in New York City. There appears to be no connection amongst those objects, but they all in fact have some thing in common they are all symbols in the book Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson. In that novel, Isabel and Curzon, two slaves in New York, are prepared to escape slavery soon after getting tormented by their cruel masters. But throughout their path to escape, they encounter symbolism that assist them recognize their inner thoughts and feelings. Symbolism supply a richer meaning to a story and provides the reader an idea of events beyond the ordinary making use of the bees, Curzon’s hat, and the Tea Water Pump, amongst the most powerful pictures in Chains.

Isabel’s mood and feelings shift rapidly as shown symbolically with the bees that surround her. First of all, the bees don’t only show anger and confusion, they can also show that Isabel is refreshed. When she thought of joining the British: “The believed washed over [her] like a river, sweeping away the dead bees that filled my brain pan with confusion.”(174) The river sweeping away her dead bees imply that her confusion is swept away by the believed of joining the British, which means that she is rapidly altering her mood from confused to refreshed and ready to join the British. In addition, after the excellent fire, Isabel realizes that she has lost Ruth’s doll in the fire. The bees came back and hummed so loudly that she could not even ponder about the doll. Because Ruth’s doll is the only factor left of her, Isabel realizes she lost everything. And due to the fact she lost every thing, her emotions speedily shift from thinking about staying alive in the fire to pondering about her losses. Finally, when madam tells Isabel that she can’t go to Bridewell Prison, she experiences a sudden adjust of feeling. Now that she couldn’t go to the prison and care for Curzon, “The ashes of sadness and the buzzing bees of my melancholy all spun a storm inside [her].” (246) The bees inside her spun a storm inside her mind and suddenly changes her mood to melancholy. The bees inside Isabel show feelings employing symbolism, but symbolism can can also represent the overall health of a person or object, as in the use of Curzon’s red hat.

Curzon’s overall health is described symbolically via his red hat rather than his physical appearance. Before Curzon goes to the Battle of Lengthy Island, his hat is bright red and he is confident about the battle. He feels energetic and happy about the predicament and he is wearing a red hat which symbolizes his wellness. He is in good shape and his red hat proves that he is prepared. But later, Curzon gets captured in battle and he is going to prison. He is frail and the only way Isabel recognized him is“[his] hat, nearer brown than red now.” (204-205) Considering that his hat is now brown, his overall health is fading. When Curzon was wholesome, his hat was red, but now, defeated in battle, his hat is turning brown. But Curzon’s health is at the lowest at the prison. Dibdin, the new commander is wearing his hat and Curzon is near death. He is lying on the ground and he couldn’t even hear Isabel, who is appropriate next to him. His hat isn’t even on him which means that he is in extremely poor overall health. But after Dibdin puts his dirty hat on him again, Curzon gets a little better and he gets the care he needs. Symbolism can represent a person or object, such as using Curzon’s red hat, but it can also represent an thought like how the Tea Water Pump represent neighborhood and freedom, an notion rather of someone’s feelings or wellness.

The Tea Water Pump is the location exactly where Isabel and Curzon, and the entire community met ahead of the war came which symbolizes neighborhood and freedom. When Isabel very first arrived at New York, a single of the very first locations Curzon took her to is the Tea Water Pump. The whole community of slaves went there to get water for their masters. And right after the 1st time there, that is the only time that Isabel got to see Curzon in public. That occasion signifies the Tea Water Pump is the initial time Isabel saw the complete neighborhood of slaves collectively, which is what the spot symbolizes in the 1st location. Similarly, beneath the strict control of Madam Lockton, the every day trip to the Tea Water Pump is the only time where Madam Lockton isn’t in handle of her. The Tea Water Pump symbolizes freedom, and this is her greatest feeling of freedom. And this is her only time to meet other men and women. In conclusion, the tea water pump is the location exactly where Isabel heard about Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation: “The British promised freedom to slaves but won’t give them to won’t give it to the white rebels.” (166) But the men and women there argue about if the British will truly preserve their guarantee. But nevertheless, the proclamation provides freedom to slaves, and the Tea Water Pump symbolizes freedom. So Isabel heard the proclamation of totally free at the Tea Water Pump. These 3 symbols prove that symbolism enriches and deepens the novel.

The bees, Curzon’s hat, and the Tea Water Pump show that symbolism can alter a novel to be more exciting and provide a richer which means to the story. Chains therefore gives many examples of historical facts about New York with the support of symbolism. But outside of the novel, symbolism could come in numerous types, and can carry the powerful political and ideological implications that are apparent in Anderson’s writing.
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