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Published: 05-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Characterization of Nea and Her Close Relationship with Her Sister in Saving Sourdi, a Short Story by May-Lee Chai

Saving Sourdi is an intriguing brief story detailing the challenges and strive that a single of the characters, Nea, had to deal with in her interactions with the sister, Sourdi and the revellers in their loved ones owned restaurant. The two sisters who are the main characters in the story have a close partnership, obtaining grown up with each other the complete of their life. This close connection is depicted in various episodes of the story. The concentrate of this post is illustrating the character of Nea and her close relationship with a view of highlighting how she has been depicted as a caring sister. By means of this character, the author managed to bring out the powerful familial connection and the modifications that are probably to come about as members develop mature.

The author of this story, Might-Lee Chai, created Nea the principal narrator and a major character in the narrative of ‘Saving Sourdi’ throughout her childhood with the sister, Sourdi. Regardless of increasing up with each other with her sister, the character of Nea is notably different from that of her sister, Sourdi. This disparity is noted in the lag in maturity exactly where Sourdi seemed to be constantly maturing at a more rapidly price than Nea. The fall back in Nea’s maturity has been attributed to her aggressive nature and nervous character becoming manifested throughout the story.

Notwithstanding the fall back of Nea in maturity as compared to her sister, it is evident that she consistently demonstrated her need to save her sister, even though with limited accomplishment in several occasions. The actions of Nea demonstrates her perseverance in a number of attempts and aggressiveness. Even with this noble character, Nea did not grow up to turn into young lady that her sister was. This slowness in maturity is shown in her non-enthusiastic and too plain strategy as she attempts to save her sister from numerous predicaments or feelings of insecurity. The author makes an indirect comparison of the two sisters by painting Sourdi as much more lovely and endearing to males than Nea. Nea interprets these variations to be a threat to what she cherishes the most, the warmth of sisterhood. She perceives this as an try by the men to snatch away her sister, a case that is not necessarily correct.

Though the nature of Sourdi has been depicted as mature and eye-catching, Nea remains domineering more than her. She seemingly plays a role that ought to naturally be by the elder sister. The differences in maturity is additional supported by her failure to comprehend the connection of Sourdi with Mr. Chhay, her husband (Chai, 143). With all her naivety, Nea fights for closeness with her sister who she believes that the husband has taken her away from the previously enjoyed sisterhood. This mind-set drove her into assuming a role of a heroin in the brawl with Mr. Chhay, whom she is convinced that he is poor. However, this perception is later confirmed incorrect when Sourdi’s husband is shown as a very good particular person. The behaviour of Nea in this case indicates her protective character that she intends to deploy in fighting against something that may come in amongst her and the sister. However, her protective character is at times taken also far when she drags Duke into the household matters in Sourdi’s marriage with no concrete proof. The wrong involvement is taking Duke to the house of Sourdi to help in saving the sister whom she was convinced was getting attacked by Chhay.

The aggression, naivety, and aggression in the character of Nea informs all her unpopular decisions in the entire story. The embarrassing experience meant absolutely nothing to her, in spite of the expectation getting that she should have had a character alter from the previous incorrect actions. Her actions come ahead of pondering as alluded to by her mother who says that Nea acts with out considering. She stated, “…You not pondering. That your difficulty. You always not think…” (Chai 282).

From her childhood by means of adulthood, Nea remained tough-headed, flat and stubborn character. The author of this short story did not show the other side of Nea deliberately so as to show what a protective and non-reasonable individual can do in the interest of maintaining the close familial connection. Other analysts have termed this character as a robust-willed and rash adolescent who has not outgrown her age. In demonstration of her fearlessness and sturdy will, Nea stubbed a drunken man who was about to mess with her sister (Jago 56). This is just one particular of the episodes exactly where this character has demonstrated her willingness to physically protect her sister.

In conclusion, the author managed to use only one particular character, Nea to bring out the theme of sturdy household connection, specifically amongst sisters who grew up together. It shows that by generating several episodes in one quick story, the theme can be successfully brought out by one particular character as it was the case in the character of Nea. Lastly, from these two character, Nea and Sourdi, the author highlighted that it is attainable to have close sister with diverse personalities. Therefore, coming from the same family does not prescribe behaviour in a certain manner but the innate characters do.
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