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Published: 01-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Driving Age Should Be Raised: Research Paper Proposal

Acquiring a driver’s license is a massive milestone for a teenager and can be regarded as a rite of passage. In the United States the legal age requirement for a driver’s license varies from state to state. Several states have the minimum age requirement lower than eighteen. Even so, some states have raised the essential age to eighteen. Some individuals argue those states that haven’t raised the age to eighteen are costing too a lot of valuable lives. The minimum age requirement is even reduced for a driver’s permit. It is crucial to clarify that there is a difference between a driver’s license and a driver’s permit. A permit enables new drivers to find out how to drive safely on their own. The starting driver is to be accompanied with a parent or a twenty one year old adult with a valid driver’s license. The time period one must drive with a permit depends on the state but, typically only a matter of months is required. If the permit is held responsible and no violations are obtained for the duration of this period, the driver is then eligible to take the exam to turn out to be a licensed driver.

Not too long ago, there has been a demand to raise the driver’s license requirement up to the age of 18. To fully understand this debate, it is essential to describe each sides of the argument. For these against raising the driving age they have a lot of reasons as to why. When located in a rural area, transportation can be hard to come by easily. Train stations and busses are significantly less widespread, generating the way to commute primarily being in cars. For a teenager to get from point A to point B, regardless of whether it be school or a friend’s house, then they would need the capability to drive, specially when the child’s parents work complete time. Soon after several years of being their chauffeur, parents claim their teen obtaining the capability to drive is a comfort to both their kid and themselves. A mother named, Margaret Menotti, questioned “Do we truly want our little ones dependent upon parents for virtually every little thing until they go to college, can vote and serve their country?” (States Urged To Raise The Driving Age). If the kid is attending school and is also employed then this makes the capability to drive all the much more essential. Teenagers wouldn’t understand responsibility without getting in a position to drive and operate a portion time job in the course of high college. It is crucial that children learn duty at some point. These against raising the age also argue each particular person is different, that no two minds are the identical. Statistics might show teens are dying from accidents, but does not mean their kid will be irresponsible and too immature to drive. There are some teenagers who are much more mentally developed than others.

Those that assistance the driving age being raised also have reasons as to why. Scientists believe teenagers aren’t mature emotionally or mentally adequate to drive. Allowing teens to acquire a license brings numerous severe responsibilities and provides them the capability of facing deathly consequences which can either drastically modify or take away their life. Facing these critical potential situations a single needs maturity so they can manage driving properly and safely. Teens are also in the most social stage of their life, a lot more than any other age group. Point being they will have numerous distractions including loud music and more than packed automobiles making them a hazard to everybody riding in that vehicle and the other automobiles on the road. Teens are also more most likely to be careless. They think that a single text is worth risking an accident or obtaining to work on time is much more crucial than security. For a teenager, a seatbelt may be noticed as an annoyance other than a safety necessity. All of these tendencies back up the actions brought on by their underdeveloped mentalities. The major result in of death for teenagers is auto crashes. It is saddening these unnecessary tragedies are brought on by a rushed privilege. Mike Higgins stated it greatest, “ if they continue to lower the driving age then count on the fatality price to increase”. When a teenager is killed in an accident the neighborhood acknowledges and mourns the tragedy. To what intense do the numbers of teen fatalities want to reach to bring about action? It is a nation’s duty to make sure security. Therefore, it is time that federal and state regulations enforce a greater age requirement to acquire a driver’s license. Removing the harmful privilege that is supplied as well early to teenagers have to be carried out for the sake of the future.

Despite the fact that the opposing side has a lot more reasons, it is tragic to consider that the positive aspects of teens driving override the negatives it comes with. Comfort does not override life. Raising the age for a driver’s license will make the parents’ lives a lot more straining and also make the future teenagers’ life difficult for job opportunities and seeing close friends. When seeking at the concerns the new regulation could bring, it definitely is worth prolonging the lives of teens across the nation. It’s time parents cease burying their children. It’s time siblings stop losing siblings. It is time friends stop losing buddies. The time has come that the men and women stand up and make a alter since the more time passes, the a lot more deaths accumulate. If we hold ignoring the apparent resolution to lowering teen deaths, then we are letting down humanity.

I’d like to add in my paper that each time I say teenager I’m which means any person below the age of eighteen. Technically a teenager is any individual nineteen and younger. In this case, I refer to those younger than the “adult” age of eighteen. I definitely need to have to study far more about how teens are mentally underdeveloped. My entire argument seems the cause to raise the driving age is due to the fact they’re harmful. With more analysis I can connect the dangers getting triggered my mental underdevelopment. I want to appear up statistics of teen deaths. Those statistics will make my argument stronger. This can not only appeal to logos, but also pathos also. Pathos because it will genuinely make the reader understand how really sad all these deaths are, particularly, deaths of teens per year in the United States from automobile collisions. I remember studying car crashes was the leading result in of teens in drivers education I just can’t remember how considerable that number is. I also want to discover out the ranges of ages states permit licenses and permits alternatively of just stating they vary. Possibly the states with higher ages have verified to develop safer roads with less accidents. I also need to research GDL’s (graduated drivers licenses) I would like to contain that in my paper but, I do not know adequate to connect it with my paper. I know it’s established to be safer than the permit to license procedure I just can’t say how but. Perhaps those have been valuable with lowering fatal car crashes. It could connect with my counter argument to make roads safer and for these that are against raising the driving age. I want to investigation far more about the underdeveloped brain a teenager holds. I know that it doesn’t completely develop till 25 but, what element? What does this element of the brain have to do with driving? I also need to have to know if there are much more factors why men and women are for raising the age. For now, I only have that teens are as well immature mentally and emotionally so they cause accidents and a lot of the instances, death. I also would like to contain my story of a horrific accident that my sister and I went through caused by us. My sister now has to live with scars on her face from two hundred and eighty six stitches surgically applied that night of the accident. No alcohol or drugs had been involved just poor selection making and I think that will add an emotional effect on the audience and also give a distinct instance how teens are not mentally developed to make such significant decisions needed for driving.

Argumentative point #1: “My teenager won’t become distracted they know it’s unsafe to multitask while driving”

They are in the most social stage in their life which means more individuals in the automobile creating a lot more distractions. This goes beyond noise from the packed vehicle also. Teenagers care about what other folks consider of them so they attempt to hold these high expectations and show off to impress their peers. Meaning if all friends egg on the driver to do a no cease or speed at an unbelievably higher rate then the teens most likely will. With them being in the most social stage they also are most probably attending social gatherings or parties.

Older age groups have distractions like children but, they know how to prioritize the distractions even though driving. For example, if a youngster is screaming for their bottle they have dropped a parent would pull more than as an alternative of reaching for it although driving so they have complete attention on the road. Even if that implies they’re a little later to their destination.

Teens are effectively technically equipped these days with electronics. They will prioritize the require to adjust “that dreadful song” that just came on the radio more than their eyes getting on the road. This also consists of texting. A text from their crush is more critical to read and reply to due to the fact they don’t recognize the achievable lead to their action could bring.

More seasoned drivers know what distractions can trigger (an accident) so they avoid them until it is protected to address the disturbance. With the small knowledge a distraction becomes unsafe.

Argumentative point #two: Teenagers will not be employed without having the capability to drive to work

Parents and or older siblings can set up a schedule to see what days the teen would be obtainable and then they can go into an interview with that schedule already set to where there will not be any confusion.

Bikes are a wonderful type of workout and jobs close to residence can be simply reached on one particular. If I’m walking distance that’s even greater.

If there are no jobs in town if the teen is that determined to work they can do the old fashioned way of knocking door to door to mow, shovel, and so forth.

Teenagers could constantly make parents a short-term ride to work till they discover a coworker prepared to choose them up and drop them off soon after their shifts, which, of course, may possibly price the teenager some income.

From my understanding teenagers don’t have bills. When they have a car that’s what they perform for. So with no a car there’re no bills. If they have to pay their telephone bill I’m confident they can work out some house perform with their parents. Teenagers necessarily don’t need a job considering that they’re supported by parents.

Argumentative point #3: No two minds are the exact same. Men and women create at diverse rates, the teenagers that are mature shouldn’t drop out on a privilege.

This could be true but, just due to the fact a teenager may possibly be deemed mature for their age doesn’t mean they’re mentally created.

In order for scientists to declare the thoughts does not completely create till twenty 5 they would require each study they ever did while experimenting to confirm this.

Auto insurances drop your rate at twenty 5. You can rent a auto at twenty 5. These aren’t coincidences. Twenty 5, getting the age 1 is mentally mature, changed other factors such as the two I listed. So why isn’t the driving age becoming changed as well? Twenty five would be also old to learn how to drive but, 18 is considerably closer to complete mental possible than two years prior.

Argumentative point #4: if all these young children have passed the curriculum and tests needed to drive then their accidents are caused by lack of knowledge and not underdeveloped mentalities.

I agree lack of experience does play a function in this but, we all can agree 1 acts differently when being watched. If a student is watched they will not be texting, they won’t be speeding, or driving drunk, and so on. But, the minute they are handed freedom they will do items they had been told not to do because they cannot comprehend as to why they have been told. They know the cause why they have been only taught a thousand times not to text but, they do not recognize it. They cannot realize it because their minds are below construction.

If we were to leave the permit age at fifteen or sixteen, depending on the state, then that teen would have two-three years of getting watched as a driver. Making the “role play” of perfect driver becomes a habit. They would practice no texting, no speeding, and so forth. for 2-3 complete years. This offers them experience so these worried about the statistics of fatalities only going up a year can be at ease. Teens would have two-3 years of encounter with no bad habits. Of Course they could throw it all out the window as soon as they get that freedom. But, considerably a lot more unlikely than now where a teen is supervised for a set of months and then handed freedom which is their time to obtain experience. Why not acquire experience the correct way? Getting supervised.

Argumentative point #five: teenagers are a lot more most likely to drink and drive

Teenagers aren’t allowed to legally drink. So they are normally drinking in hidden areas meaning, not in public at a bar. Simply because they can not drink in public or frequently in addition to at these “secret events” then they are a lot more probably to binge drink.

Most parents disapprove of their teenager drinking so there goes their ride of a designated driver. Considering that the child is now drunk and fears receiving in problems they will nevertheless want to make it house so they do not get noticed sneaking out. The most logical concept in their head is that shiny metal in their hand, their keys. They will think obtaining residence is far more essential than risking their security. But, if they have been mentally mature they’d comprehend that way of getting residence could imply never going property.

With licenses becoming looked forward to by a teenager they take benefit of the flimsy card and do not comprehend the meaning it holds. It signifies you hold not only your life but, the other on the roads lives in your hands. That is a single big effective card to be entitled to.

Counter argument: Raising the age for a driver’s license could make statistics of fatalities to go down amongst sixteen year olds and could make it greater for eighteen year olds.

Refutation: By raising the license age and maintaining the permit age unchanged then there would be a larger gap of a student driver with a permit. With a longer period for holding a permit they would be far more knowledgeable and drilled into practicing excellent habits as I’ve stated above I’m argumentative point number 4, which would bring down the probability of a collision. Also eighteen year olds believe differently than two years prior and will be in diverse social stage and spot in life.
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