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Published: 26-10-2019

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The Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay is positioned at the southeastern tip of Cuba, a modest region of land under the possession of the United States. The United States assumed manage over Guantanamo Bay under the 1903 lease agreement. This bay is utilised as a base for the United states navy and the area houses the military prison used to contain hazardous criminals and terrorists. The history and use of Guantanamo Bay are uncommon pieces in the United States military history. While it seems odd that the United States has a prison facility, Guantanamo Bay is a extremely critical detainee facility.

Guantanamo Bay was established in 2002 as a facility intended to residence war criminals and facilitate top interrogations. The prison is divided into camps, each and every with a specific goal, and is run by a Task Force. In the prison’s early days, during the Bush administration of 2004, it was determined the Guantanamo was outside of legal jurisdiction and prisoners had been not even entitled to rights of the Geneva Convention. Following legal battles, the United States Department of Defense released a memo that stated detainees have been certainly entitled to rights of the Geneva Convention giving them protection. Much controversy of the practices at Guantanamo Bay has been speculated, so significantly that the United Nations called for its shutdown in 2009. The shutdown was called due to attainable torture detainees underwent, violating regulations of the United Nations. Once Obama took workplace in 2009, he promptly ordered for the suspension of Guantanamo Bay for the year. This work was shot down, but Obama known as for the transfer of prisoners. In 2011, Obama signed the Defense Authorization Bill, which limits the transfer of prisoners to other nations or the U.S. Despite struggle and controversy, the shutdown of Guantanamo Bay is really unlikely. Congress would not support the shutdown. As of these days, there are more than a single hundred prisoners nonetheless detained at Guantanamo Bay.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is used to house prisoners that are considered war criminals or too hazardous to stand trial in the mainland. Nowadays the camp is split up into two regions, Camp Delta and Camp Echo. There utilized to also be a Camp X-Ray, but it has given that been closed and detainees transferred to Camp Delta. Camp Delta is composed of multiple subcamps and a psychiatric facility. Every camp inside Camp Delta has diverse functions and each location is intended for a distinct level of prisoner or detainee.
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