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Published: 17-12-2019

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The Importance of Being Yourself

“I wish I might, I want I may well, Want up on this star tonight.” “twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, like a diamond in the sky, twinkle twinkle tiny star.” As youngsters we are taught these nursery rhymes, at that time we only believed that they had been entertaining small rhymes. We did not see the hidden message from inside the rhymes. Subconsciously even though, you do find out something, possibly just that wishes are dreams your heart makes, or that wishes do come correct, or even that the stars are constantly there, looking like diamonds, twinkling up above us. As a kid you more than probably did not make a connection amongst stars and folks, that men and women are like stars, each special and lovely in there personal techniques.

“Twinkle Twinkle little star… like a diamond in the sky” While comparing a star to a diamond you are also saying that you yourself are a diamond. When you see a diamond what are the initial factors that you feel of? You almost certainly believe of beauty, or marriage/love. When you make that connection, is not it the identical as saying that you are lovely, and you are loved by your larger energy? Each and each and every one particular of us, no matter what shape or size you are, you are gorgeous. Colbie Caillat sings a song with the lyrics, “Put your makeup on…so they like you…you don’t have to attempt so hard.” She is speaking to you, the ones who think that you have to place on a face or conform to blend in and be like everyone else, but if you are like every person else, who are you? You don’t have to try, you are ideal, and beautiful just the way you are. Bruno Mars sings these words, ” when I see your face, there’s not a issue that I would modify, ‘cuz you’re amazing just the way you are.” This song is 100% correct. You do not have to change for anybody, even if they say change this or modify that. If individuals do not like or accept you the way your are, that is their selection, but that does not lessen your value, worth, or beauty. It is way far more cool to be who you are, rather than who you are not.

My advice to you is to be who you are, do you, nobody else in the entire globe can be you, you are uniquely you. I, just like you, struggle with all of this. I have been told time and time once again that I require to diet regime, or that does not fit proper, or place some makeup on. Mostly by my peers, but not constantly, often family members members. Like everyone else in the globe is truly threatens my self esteem, and self image, never ever as soon as does this support a individual, overtime it created me hate almost everything about who I was, and how I looked. Like several I attempted to change every thing about me. In middle college, and high school I attempted so challenging to match in, I wore American Eagle, and Hollister I started to put on make up, and put on a happy face, just to try and make even 1 pal. No one noticed till it was as well late that I had quit eating, that I only wore long-sleeves and hoodies to cover the cuts and scars on my arms and legs. Nobody thought twice about how when I went home, I would slip into sweats and cry myself to sleep. They by no means knew what I saw when I looked into a mirror, I hated everything I saw, I became afraid of mirrors and what was in them. I became ashamed, super self-conscious, and I started to block my family out of my life. Coming to the point exactly where I could hardly tolerate seeing them because I place the blame on all of them, saying that it’s their fault this happened or that occurred. I became so afraid of being rejected and abandoned that I wouldn’t let anybody in. I tore myself into tiny particles in the air, I destroyed who I when was. I rebelled far more and more. I cut off my hair, died it black. I got rid of almost all my clothes, a wardrobe after complete of colour now largely black, grey and red. I learned to only listen, and not to speak, how to keep my thoughts to myself. Developing deeper and deeper into my depression, till it was too far gone. I attempted to kill myself 1, two, 3, 4 occasions in a two year span. The fourth time place me close to death, 30 minutes away. Almost a succession, an additional fail.

All this occurred because I lost who I was, I forgot that I was a star, stunning and worthy in my personal way. I just left residential remedy for the third time in two years, soon after being inpatient six times the last for 18 days, and soon after being in the ICU for a week soon after every single attempt. While in residential this final time I realized that we all forgot, that I wasn’t the only one. We all want to bear in mind that at times, wishes do come correct that every time you appear above and see stars, that they are staring back at us in awe of our beauty, staring back and forth seeing diamonds when searching upon the other. They see it, now it is our time to see it also. When you really feel alone when you feel you are not good adequate when you really feel you have to conform and be somebody you’re not I dare you to look up in the sky, notice the stars, slow your breath, and say the nursery rhymes, “twinkle twinkle little star’ and “star light, star vibrant.” Keep in mind this, no matter what anyone tells you, YOU ARE Lovely! Be who you are. Be like a Giraffe and stand tall, don’t be ashamed any longer. Let yourself shine like the star you already are. Bear in mind no one can take your location, there is no understudy, just you
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