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Published: 01-10-2019

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The isuue of fear in The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Worry, crucial for the survival of the human race, it has often been engraved in absolutely everyone from birth and employed till death. In the novel The Lord of the Flies, the boys on the island are massively impacted by fear, as it manipulates their choices and their way of considering. William Golding hints to fear as the most unsafe and destructive force on the island and supports this by Jack’s worry of losing energy benefits in his manipulative nature, Ralph’s worry of the unknown that leads to his downfall and Piggy’s worry of death which leads to the destruction of society. In the novel the Lord of the Flies, William Golding utilizes fear on the island to show the accurate destructive nature of worry towards their reaction via Jack’s hunger for energy, Ralph’s fear of the unknown and Piggy’s fear for his own survival.

Jack is 1 of the main characters in the Lord of the Flies. He is also a single of the characters that is most influenced by worry. Jack is the most power hungry boy on the island in the Lord of the Flies. Firstly, Jack has a fear of losing manage more than the boys on the island. Jacks sees how the boys on the island are gradually leaving him over for Ralph. Jack scares the boys on the island with the mystical and bloodthirsty beast and frames Ralph as he has no plans to deal with the mysterious Beast “‘Quiet!’ shouted Jack. ‘You, listen. The beast is sitting up there, whatever it is–‘ ‘Perhaps it is waiting–‘ ‘Hunting–‘ ‘Yes, hunting.’ ‘Hunting,’ stated Jack … ‘I’ve got the conch. Ralph thinks you are cowards, running away from the boar and the beast. And that is not all.’” (Golding 138). Jack uses the Beast to make the boys conform below his will, he also tends to make it appears that the carnivorous and mystical Beast would get them sooner or later and there’s no point in running away from the Beast. Lastly, Jack is afraid of opposition to his power. He burns down the whole island just to remove his 1 and single opposition Ralph. “They’re going to hunt you to-morrow!’ … They had smoke him out and set the island on fire” (Golding 209, 219). Worry got the best of Jack in the final chapter of the Lord of the Flies. It shows the extent of what Jack would do due to the fact of his fears. Jack, although energy-hungry, makes use of fear as his principal driving element throughout the novel.

Secondly, Piggy is one particular of the most frightened boy on the island, he constantly seems to worry about some thing at any given time in Lord of the Flies. Piggy’s worries for his personal survival drives him all through the Lord of the Flies. Piggy loves his glasses, it is his only way of seeing clearly and the only signifies of survival. Piggy has a worry of not seeing clearly specially in an island filled with savages, his worry of not seeing clearly leads to his demise and the destruction of the conch. “‘I know. They didn’t come for the conch. They came for anything else. Ralph – what am I going to do?’ … From his left hand dangled Piggy’s broken glasses. … ‘…I want my glasses’. The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee the conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist” (Golding 186, 189, 200). Piggy’s worry of not seeing clearly inevitably became the catalyst for the destruction of the island. Piggy’s self-centered views on survival on the island show how fear will lead to destruction. After the conch ends up in oblivion, the savages and Ralph lost the idea of civilization and society. Finally, Piggy’s last worry is his fear of getting a savage. Piggy has often a robust stand on keeping himself civilized and survival even on an island isolated from the outside planet. This worry results in a barrier between Piggy and the other boys on the island. Piggy desires to look clean and civilized towards the savages “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? … ‘ … washed and hair brushed–after all we are not savages genuinely and being rescued is not a game–’” (Golding 98, 189) Piggy often fears savagery, he tries his greatest to remain away from savagery he puts savagery reduce than animals and Piggy’s barrier to reach the other boys resulted in a separation with the civilized boys and the savages. Piggy although becoming 1 of the smartest but however frightened boy on the island has some fears that outcome in the separation of the boys on the island and the destruction of society.

Finally, Ralph, the leader of the boys has some essential fears that the helps with the survival of the boys on the island. Ralph is the leader of the boys for the most of the novel, Ralph is utterly scared of the unknown, his worry eventually leads to his downfall. Ralph’s biggest fear on the island is the worry of not acquiring rescued. This fear outcomes in his obsession with the signal fire. Ralph’s obsession with the signal fire leads to a heated argument among Jack and Ralph which in the end divides them apart and made them both rivals throughout the novel. Ralph is upset that Jack let the fire out and let a ship pass by. “You and your blood, Jack Merridew! You and your hunting! We may possibly have gone home–’ … ‘I was chief, and you have been going to do what I said. You speak. But you can’t even create huts–then you go off hunting and let out the fire–’ … Jack went extremely red as he hacked and pulled at the pig. Jack stood up as he said this, the bloodied knife in his hand. … The two boys faced every other” (Golding 74, 75). Ralph’s obsession leads to the downfall of Jack, Jack’s hatred towards Ralph grows all through the novel and Ralph’s obsession with the fire stayed the very same. The uncertainty of being rescued has often been brought up by Ralph multiple times throughout the book, Ralph with the idea of his father in the navy has some insecurities about receiving stuck on the island. Ralph’s leadership skills and fear of not becoming rescued was his greatest downfall. Ralph was also utterly scared of this carnivorous beast. Ralph was venturing up the hill to discover the mythical beast with Jack and Roger. “In front of them, only three or four yards away, was a rock-like hump where no rock need to be. Ralph could hear a tiny chattering noise coming from somewhere– perhaps from his personal mouth. He bound himself with each other with his will, fused his worry and loathing into a hatred, and stood up. He took two leaden methods forward”. (Golding 135) William Golding describes Ralph’s fear towards the beast as a combination of worry and hatred, William Golding uses this precise combination of emotion to show the dangers of combining these two collectively. Fear and hatred is a vital emotion all through the novel Lord of the Flies. Ralph despite the fact that a valiant leader relies on emotions that would make him an inconsistent leader which leads to the downfall of Ralph and all the other characters in the Lord of the Flies.

William Golding shows that Jack’s devious fears, Ralph’s apprehensions, and Piggy’s self-centered nature demonstrates the controlling and dangerous nature of fear. Jack demonstrates the destructive powers of fear on the island by setting the entire island on fire. Secondly, Piggy’s selfish fears show the destruction it can cause to others about him and ultimately, Ralph’s fear of the unknown leads to clashing concepts and hatred to take more than him and led with emotion that ends up becoming his undoing and in the end leads to the island covered with fire. Worry though all-natural to the human race will usually be perceived differently by diverse folks.
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