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Published: 20-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Justification of The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution

The Reign of Terror was a radical event throughout the French Revolution with Maximillen Robespierre and Jean-Paul Marat. This occasion, dependent on the views could be justified, unjustified and mainly justified. This period of the time had numerous executions, which the government sought out to lessen their issues.

The Reign of Terror could be justified. Just before the Reign of Terror, the King and Queen of France were identified guilty, by Robespierre, of getting traitors by trying to go to Austria to get an army against the rebels. As a outcome, the National Assembly was born. The National Assembly, with the leadership of Robespierre, was created to give every man equal rights. The National Assembly was a new type of government, created to make certain that every single man in France is equal. Also, to repair the economic troubles, with France in debt and poverty was escalating. The Civil Constitution of the clergy was made, exactly where the clergy and nobles, were now to have the same issues as the rest of the population, bringing all the estates into a single. In Document F, the map showed that France had both an inside and an outdoors threat. In Document B, the letter fromt the Vendee to the National Convention expressed that the government was losing poorly to the rebels. This shows within the lines, and “Without these departments [lack of troops], this unfortunate region would right now have fallen to the rebels.”. These documents show that the government was losing to the rebels, with its inside and outside threats, which caused the government to go to extremes measures, for that reason justifying the Reign of Terror.

The Reign of Terror could also be unjustified. Within the instances of the National Assembly’s control the have created the Declaration of Rights of Man, created to make certain the people’s rights, but made loopholes. In Document A, where some of the rights declared in the Declaration of Rights of Man. The ninth proper clearly states that “All persons are held innocent until they shall have been declared guilty…”, in other words, absolutely everyone has a right to a fair trial. However, in Document D, there is a bar graph displaying the quantity of folks that were executed with or with no a trail. The number of men and women that had been executed without having a trial was around 1,200 men and women accused, who could have been innocent. This causes the Reign of Terror to be unjustified because Document D contradicts what is mentioned in Document A, showing that the government was unfair and corrupt. Furthermore, the National Assembly continued with their corrupted methods. They also abolished monarchy, which was the form of government that most of France wanted, so the National Assembly weren’t applying to the demands of the majority. Additionally, the National Assembly was known to be created up of Jacobins. Jacobins had been a radical celebration, exactly where they take almost everything to the intense. The people’s rights had been slowly being taken away, which is why the Rebellion in the Vendee occurred, aiming for the return of monarchy.

The Reign of Terror could also be largely justified. Jean- Paul Marat, 1 of the leaders of the National Assembly, promoted the Reign of Terror. Marat said that there are enemies everywhere, therefore the Reign of Terror was necessary. No 1 believed Marat until he was assassinated in his bathtub by Mad Marie Ann Charlotte Corday, then people began to understand that Marat was appropriate. This caused Corday to be known as to an execution. In Document C, it was the day of Corday’s execution. The people supported the Reign of Terror, which shown in the lines, “The Executioner showed it [ Corday’s head ]… to the folks, and the blood which was then extravasated, had restored to her cheeks, its former animated glow: – shouts of Vive la Republique [ Lengthy Live The Republic ] have been new heard.”. This shows that the people believed Marat’s belief and at 1 point, supported the Reign of Terror. In Document E, Maximillen Robespierre, the leader of each the National Assembly and the Reign of Terror, is a speech he created to the National Convention. In this speech, Robespierre is essentially trying to convince and spread his notion of the Reign of Terror. In 1 of his causes, it states that the government should only protect peaceful citizens, and that the enemies inside of France are a single in the exact same with the enemies outside of France. This shows in the lines, “Social protection is due only to peaceful citizens.”, and “The royalists [ those that favor monarchy ], the conspirators are, in the eye, only strangers or, rather enemies… Are not the enemies inside, the allies of these without having?”

In essence, The Reign of Terror, depending on the perspective can be justified, unjustified, or even mainly justified.
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