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The March Of The Flag Essay

Ah! The heroes of Vicksburg and pink Tree Creek, Atlanta, work Ridge, the wild, and all those areas of honor, of pain, and of dying! Soldiers of 1861! The generation has fallen and you have erected the race of heroes deserving of the origin — fighters of El Caney, San Juan, and Cavite, of Santiago and Manila — ay! And 200, 000 more as brave as they, who waited at prison with the pain of impatience that request of action, waiting to determine the hellish misfortune of these trenches the very sweets of fate, If they would just push for the flag. For every tented area was filled of Hobsons, of Roosevelts, of Wheelers, and their forces; whole of these sort of soldiers that at regiments of rags, craving, With naked feet at the snows of winters made Valley Forge eternal; full of the one sort of sons that survived the horrific hardships of the Civil War,
When displayed on US region, the US flag is granted this place of honour. As one instance, when held with the organization flag, the US flag is held to the right of the road of marching. Although the organizational emblem may be dipped in greeting to the reviewing man in the procession, the general flag is never dipped in salute.
In the United States Naval school, the practice produced that included walking pins, including the U.S. Flag, up the aisle of the chapel within Christian services, briefly dipping the flags toward the altar. According to the school spokesperson cited in the 2006 article, the flag-dipping practice in the USNA Christian chapel `` is the single one throughout the Navy where the flag has been incorporated in that way. ''

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