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Published: 04-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Motivation Behind My Desire to Pursue Dentistry

When asked, “Why do you want to be a dentist?”, a single frequent answer is “they make so significantly income, and they get to make their personal schedules.” Although these are perks that dentists get, that was not what drew me to dentistry. I have a history of being drawn to teeth everywhere I go. I have been interested in teeth considering that I was a young child, and my passion has only gotten stronger as I grew and matured. I do not have my mind set one hundred % on being a dentist, however. I am still debating the selection of going into orthodontics since I love the notion of producing teeth aesthetically pleasing. I also like the concept of giving people the perfectly straight, white smile they’ve always wanted. Regardless of what I end up picking, the reasons why I want to be either a dentist or orthodontist are the identical. I want to be a dentist or an orthodontist simply because I want to aid my sufferers with their self-esteem and self-confidence, enhance their oral well being, and teach them preventative measures to guarantee lifelong oral health.

Ever considering that I was tiny, I have loved teeth. You could even say that I am obsessed with teeth. I lost all of my infant teeth at a really young age due to the fact I was eager to get the teeth out of my mouth for some explanation. I feel I just liked possessing my fingers in my mouth so I could really feel my teeth, which turned into playing with my teeth. The playing turned to wiggling, and all of a sudden, my infant teeth had been all gone. I was by no means afraid of pulling out my friends’ teeth, either. I was the go-to when a single of my peers had a loose tooth they have been too afraid to pull out, and I loved being the brave girl who got to yank some loose teeth.

As soon as all my adult teeth had been grown in, I became insecure about my teeth. I wanted good, straight teeth, but I was stuck with gapped, crooked teeth. My parents and dentist saw my want and need, so they referred me to an orthodontist. The transformation of my smile was achieved, of course, with orthodontia. Right after years of braces and oral appliances, I ultimately had a smile I was proud of. Now that my teeth are good, I do whatever I can to sustain what I have, as properly as generating them much better. I am really thankful that my parents have the signifies to put me by way of two sets of braces, so I want to preserve my mouth perfect.

1 issue I noticed, as I got older is that I am extremely attracted to people’s teeth. When I meet new individuals, a single of the 1st items I see is their teeth. When I see a person with dental problems, I often think to myself, “I want there was one thing I could do to aid them.” Simply because of this, I feel I would be a wonderful dentist. My compassionate nature makes me really feel for folks who have dental issues, my curious character tends to make me fantastic at doing investigative perform and difficulty solving, and my obsession with teeth makes me feel the position of dentist or orthodontist is excellent for me.

First and foremost, I want to be a dentist or orthodontist since I want to help folks boost their self-esteem and confidence. I have constantly been a compassionate person, and I constantly want to help any person in need. Though dental issues are not necessarily life threatening, they can damage a person’s self image. A negative self-image can relate to poor confidence and low self-esteem. It is nicely identified that a lovely smile can make any individual feel greater about him or herself, and that is what I would like to achieve as a dentist or orthodontist. For these who have difficulties with their teeth, they may really feel uncomfortable smiling or even speaking to people. There are a number of feasible solutions to this dilemma, and I would take pleasure in becoming the individual who could repair and boost these damaged self-images. Whether it is teeth whitening, orthodontic operate, or porcelain veneers, these easy fixes can give my sufferers a newfound self-assurance. Hopefully this confidence will increase the self-esteem, as effectively as the aesthetics of the community in which I work, even if it is just on a little scale.

Next, I want to enhance the oral overall health of as several people as I can. Oral wellness is pertinent in maintaining lifelong wellness. From pediatric patients to geriatric patients, healthier teeth and gums are critical. I will promote excellent tooth brushing and flossing habits, as nicely as professional dental check-ups every single six months. I will also do what ever is essential to make certain the individuals about me have healthful teeth and gums that will provide a foundation for their lifelong wellness.

I will be quite conservative in my work. This implies I will not rush into treatment options on individuals unless they are definitely necessary. For example, if I have a patient who has small gaps in their teeth, I will not advocate braces right away. I will advocate a retainer to close the gaps rather. If the retainer does not repair the difficulty with time, I will then put braces on my patient. On the other hand, if I have a patient with gingivitis, I will do what ever necessary to take care of this issue. It may possibly appear as though my two earlier statements are contradictory, but the first deals with an aesthetic repair and the second deals with restoring oral wellness. This will not only improve my patient’s oral health, it will also save them funds. I do not want to be the dentist or orthodontist known for taking people’s cash left and proper.

The final cause I want to be a dentist is due to the fact I want to use what I have learned by means of my years of education and encounter to spread expertise. I want to use what I’ve acquired more than the years to teach lifelong oral wellness and full-bodied wellbeing. I would like to implement educational applications by way of my practice, with the emphasis being consuming right, working out, and maintaining great complete-body well being. These three items all relate to great oral well being particularly consuming proper.

It is usually stated that dentists love Halloween simply because of kids who eat also much candy and finish up with decayed teeth. Personally, I think it is sad when parents let their children consume as a lot candy as they want for two reasons. 1st and foremost, the little ones can virtually ruin their teeth by the overconsumption of candy. If their teeth are not cared for, it can be detrimental to their lifelong well being as teeth are needed until death. Secondly, candy is the furthest thing from a healthy snack. A piece or two of candy on occasion will not cause harm, but overconsumption of candy on a everyday basis is unacceptable.

I want to educate as many men and women as possible about wholesome living. I am a enormous proponent of a healthful life-style, and I want to share that with everyone I can. I really feel as if individuals can hear about the incredible benefits of a wholesome way of life, but they will not actually realize till they reside it for themselves. I hope to not only improve the oral overall health of my dental or orthodontic sufferers, but I want to increase their complete wellbeing.

Even though I stated I was not interested in dentistry and orthodontics due to the fact of the cash or the flexible schedule, they would be main perks. Possessing a great-paying job and a flexible schedule would give me the capability to try to achieve one of my other life objectives. This is to volunteer for Physicians Without Borders. Initially, one would not feel a dentist as an essential part of a Doctors Without having Borders group, but I feel differently. I want to be capable to aid the individuals in underdeveloped countries that need the support. I could possibly take away the pain by performing basic procedures on people with teeth that are rotting away. I have always wanted to use the expertise I obtain for a greater good. I really feel this is achievable if I became a dentist on the group of Medical doctors Without Borders. I would really feel very good about myself for taking part in one thing bigger than me. The worldly encounter I achieve will make me a greater-rounded and even much more compassionate individual.

In conclusion, I really feel as I would make a wonderful dentist or orthodontist due to the fact of my curious character, my compassionate nature, and my obsession with all issues connected to teeth. I want to be a dentist or orthodontist since I want to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of as numerous individuals as possible, I want to boost the oral health of the people about me, and I want to teach lifelong oral wellness and all round wellbeing to my patients. With my education, I would hopefully be capable to get involved with a plan like Doctors With out Borders.
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