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Published: 08-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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"The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton

I think that, in the book “Ponyboy”, the Socs, socialites or social rich children from the west, are much more of a disgrace and menace to society than the “greasers”, the poorer students from the east. The Socs’ idea of enjoyable is throwing large parties, such as beer blasts, and jumping greasers. They drive Mustangs, Corvairs and Corvettes. “Greasers are practically like hoods. They steal things, drive souped- up old vehicles, hold up gas stations and have gang fights as soon as in a while”. Web page 3’. Socs wear madras shirts, wine coloured sweaters and ski jackets.

The greasers put on their hair long, dress in blue jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets and tennis footwear or boots. Socs get editorials written about them in the newspaper for being a public disgrace 1 day and an asset to society the subsequent. Greasers, on the other hand, are known as juvenile delinquents because of their look and behaviour. “We take turns obtaining our names in the pape”. Page 48. The Socs make underprivileged people’s lives distressing. They also jump them for kicks. Ponyboy refers to them as cold blooded guys who are heartless and don’t feel something. “We’re sophisticated – cool to the point of not feeling. Absolutely nothing is true for us”. Page 47. Nevertheless, not all Socs are like that.

For instance, Cherry Valance and Ponyboy Curtis get along, sharing their adore for literature and sunsets. Their bond can fill the gap in between wealthy and poor. As Cherry mentioned (on web page 42), “things are rough all more than.” Just before Ponyboy met Cherry, he thought all Socs were wealthy little ones who acted cruelly with no motivation. The Socs have no loyalty, even to every single other. When Johnny stabbed Bob, all of Bob’s pals ran off leaving him lying in a pool of his personal blood. “They ran when I stabbed him. They all ran…Page 70. This shows that every person is for himself. But the greasers stick collectively like a massive family though they are just close friends. They are usually there for each and every other no matter what the predicament is. For instance, when Dally discovered out what Johnny did he gave him a gun and 50 dollars and told him exactly where to hide until every little thing was clear. Dally had nothing at all to do with it, but he still helped them. Also, Johnny wanted to turn himself in because he didn’t feel is was it fair for Ponyboy to remain, specially with Darry and Sodapop worrying about him. There have been many types of violence used in this book, each physical and emotional. The characters utilized their fists, switchblades and guns.

They insulted every single other and called every single other trash. But the Socs looked for fights to entertain themselves, typically attacking these who would be outnumbered by them. “The Socs are rough they gang up on 1 or two”. Web page 37. The greasers only fought in self-defense or to back up a pal. When you contemplate privilege and underprivilege, loyalty and disloyalty, fairness and unfairness, it is apparent which group is actually a societal disgrace and menace and which is merely attempting to get by in the globe. The greasers band collectively to attempt to survive their atmosphere, while the Socs prey on every person they take into account to be weaker than they are. Which do you think is much more menacing?
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