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Published: 23-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Pedestrian analysis

“The Pedestrian” offers a glance into the future, exactly where a man named Leonard Mead, goes for lengthy walks each evening by himself. The year is 2053, and Mr. Mead is the only pedestrian close to his property. He has never ever seen an additional particular person out walking throughout the hours that he has walked. He lives by himself, he has no wife, and so it is a tradition for him to stroll each evening.

On this night, a police auto stops him and commands him to put his hands up. He answers several queries about his life and loved ones, and his answers are unsatisfactory to the police. This car is the only remaining police automobile in the location. Following the election final year, the force was reduced from three automobiles to 1 due to the fact crime was ebbing and they had been observed as unnecessary. When Mr. Mead answers the question of employment by saying he is a writer, the police interpret his answer as “unemployed.” They order him to enter the automobile despite his protests, and as he approaches he realizes there is no driver at all.

Mr. Mead is filled with fear as he sits down in the prison like automobile. The car informs him that he is being taken to a psychiatric center since of his regressive tendencies. His behavior is not acceptable in society no one walks any longer and it is queer that he continues to do so as his hobby. They pass by his home, which is the only residence that is lit up. Bradbury shows his skepticism of technology. In this story, a common pastime is viewed as regressive, outdated, and abnormal. Mr. Mead’s behavior is deemed threatening even even though it is not hurting any person.

The powers in charge think that his determination to stroll every single evening could upset their social stability. He does not have a viewing screen in his residence, which is expected of the members of this society. His behavior proposes an alternative activity that the government does not approve of, and this threatens their monopoly on control.
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