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Published: 07-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Significance of Old Major's Speech on Equality in Animal Farm, a Novel by George Orwell

‘Man is the only creature that consumes without creating. All animals are equal.’ (Old Major’s Speech Chapter 1)

Think about the significance of Old Major’s speech. How does Orwell use these concepts as a basis for events all through the novel?

Old Major’s speech in Chapter 1 is extremely important with regards to making use of the concepts as a basis for events all through the novel as it highlights a lot of themes and highlights several essential points that are at some point recurring motifs in the satirical allegory in its entirety.

Leading on from this, Old Significant repeats several of his points to emphasise what he is attempting to explain to the other animals. “No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness…” and then shortly right after he repeats “No animal in England is free”. I found that it is also really ironic how he may possibly also be repeating things due to his old age. Other utilizes of persuasion are rhetorical inquiries. This causes the animals to think about what Old Significant is talking about and is makes it possible for them to relate to it simpler. “But is this basically portion of the order of nature? Is it because this land of ours so poor that it can't afford a decent life to those who dwell upon it?”. In my opinion, this is ethos used by Orwell to reflect how the operating class have been persuaded to fight against a more substantial power in Stalin in communist Russia and this violent tone is a huge factor for events to come in the novel, as he introduced a ruthless mentality into the animals, which they eventually take also far top to the enhancement of the themes of corruption and greed. For example, ‘Man is the only creature that consumes with out producing’ and “Rebellion!” He almost forces them and his excitement fuels the excitement for the rest of the area. He also reassures the animals and continues to reduce down the great reputation of man. ” All guys are enemies… All animals are equal.” He mentioned this in his speech, to evoke mass emotion and hysteria, but most importantly, for all the animals to react and fight (by uniting with each other) and to emphasis the scale of their oppression by man. Of course, it is understood to all in Chapter2 that the animals are ‘apathetic’, so they would undoubtedly stick to each and every word stated by Old Main, also due to him becoming old and having seasoned human behaviour for years. The significance of this speech to the rest of the novel was really large, due to the fact the animals entered the barns as standard animals, but left as an army. This is extremely crucial as it shows the evolution and distortion of their mentality of their violence initial towards humans, then towards every other, which breaks the 7 commandments, ‘no animal shall kill an additional animal’. Old Significant told the animals to begin a ‘Rebellion!’, but the animals distort this ideal into stating in Chapter two, ‘the only excellent human, is a dead one’, which is not what Old Main proposed for them to do! This exemplifies how Old Majors initial idea to obtain justice on the farm, is produced increasingly corrupt all through the novel with the idea of animalism (‘all animals are equal’) gradually becoming extinct by chapter 10, due to Orwell highlighting the theme of corruption!

Additionally, in Old Majors speech, he utilizes many inclusive pronouns like ‘comrades’ and ‘our’ to involve all the animals in his ideas. This links to the reality, that in the rebellion, he desires it to be a collective victory and for all the animals to work harmoniously. Nevertheless, throughout the Novel, these pronouns are changed into ‘I’, illustrating how the theme of greed increasingly effects the animals, and they wish to do items much more for private gain than for assisting every single other. This hyperlinks to the major quote since in Chapter 2, ‘the milk and apples had been reserved only for the pigs’, despite the fact that they did not generate any of it, highlighting how old Major’s speech now applies to the pigs, meaning that they are now like man, who are described in the speech as ‘the enemy’. In addition to this, by Chapter six, the major quote in this question stated by Old Key, is a full reflection of the pigs’ behaviour, considering that they force all the other animals to work due to their ‘apathy’ and naivety i.e. ‘I need to perform harder’- Boxer, nonetheless, they create practically nothing but wish to consume and reap all the rewards that come from the windmill. This is an instance of how ‘all animals are equal’ has been abandoned due to the pigs’ corruption, as properly as them resembling man far more and more all through the novella i.e. In Chapter ten, ‘from man to pig and pig to man, it was already impossible to tell which was which’.

This concludes how Old Major’s speech was important as it successfully encouraged all the animals to start off a ‘rebellion’, nevertheless, when he died three days later, they became lost and the ideals given to them by Old Significant, have been altered with simply because their leader was not there to cease their corruption, equivalent to how Karl Marx died before the revolution. The alterations of Old Major’s speech eventually lead the animals to be like their ‘enemy’, reflecting how the Russian Revolution brought on the Operating class to be just as poor as their oppressors, due to their actions being virtually identical towards each other. This is constantly highlighted in the novel as a complete through the emphasis of the scale of the themes of greed and corruption of the pigs by way of bargains produced with humans and by exploiting the animals to carry out difficult labour, for their private achieve.
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