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Published: 19-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Significant Role of the Plural Executive Powers in State Texas

The Texas constitution of 1876 was produced with the objective in thoughts to limit executive power in the state. This was accomplished by generating the plural executive. Seven elected officials share executive power to make sure no one individual had also much executive power. Six of the seven of these officials are elected directly by the citizens of Texas, and hold the executive titles governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller of the public accounts, attorney common, and commissioner of agriculture. The seventh member of the plural executive, the secretary of state, is appointed by the governor.

The salaries of all of the plural executive office holders, with the exception of the lieutenant governor, get salaries that are set by the legislature. The lieutenant governor receives the exact same salary a legislator. Like plural executive office holders, the Railroad Commission of Texas and the State Board of Education are also run by officials who are elected directly by the citizens of Texas. By allowing Texas voters to establish executive workplace holders, the executive energy of the government is checked by the demand and approval of its citizens. Splitting power and responsibilities to multiple executives also plays a function in limiting executive power (Champagne, 226).

Executive energy in Texas government is vastly distinct than executive energy in national government. The part of state governor in Texas is one that requires leadership, and is most compatible with the function of president of the United States. Nonetheless, the role of Texas governor is far much more restricted in terms of power. Whereas the President has the most power nationally in the executive branch, the governor shares executive powers amongst other members of the plural executive. Below the Texas Constitution, other members of the plural executive have the capability to possess the exact same power and responsibilities that the governor can exercising. Also, in contrast to the President, the governor and other members of the plural executive are elected solely by the citizens of the state and have no kind of Electoral College voting.

For Texas, obtaining an executive plural share the executive energy and responsibilities ensures that no single individual has also a lot power in the state, but it also has its drawbacks. Members of the plural executive may have various political views or agendas that they want to be initiated in state government. Officials can be affiliated with various parties, which naturally can lead to a divide in interests. Even so, members of the same celebration could have just as much conflict as nicely due to different interpretations of their party’s beliefs. The plural executive does not speak with one clear voice, but is comprised of many distinct views and ideas.

While conflict among the executive plural is not ideal, at the same time it ensures that executive power is not heavily reliant on 1 certain political direction, and enables compromise of different political views to be a component of Texas government (241). This makes it possible for a assortment of various interest groups clear access to inflict their group interest into Texas government (242). In Texas government, the citizens genuinely have the most executive power as they decide on who to elect and have the potential to push a multitude of political interests that can be received due to the division of energy and political ideals of the members of the plural executive.
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