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Published: 06-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Story of Helen Keller as Shown in The Miracle Worker

How would a single describe life without having producing references to the 5 senses most humans posses? Not the easiest thing to do, proper? If somebody had the opportunity to speak to Helen Keller ahead of the age of seven I think she would have to agree with this statement. The first glimpses 1 sees of Helen can be compared to that of a modern day day zombie her arms flailing out in front of her as she wallows via the front yard grasping on to anything in front of her to make sure she does not run into the scenery. One particular can not support but really feel poor for the youngster, even though not only imagining their life in her footwear. Helen overcomes unseen obstacles that change her life in a way she never ever thought would be feasible.

Helen’s mother, father and family members play a critical part in the film. In some of the initial scenes of the family gathered about and Helen, played by the actress Patty Duke, now around the age of seven, the audience gets a glimpse of what house life was like with a youngster that is deaf blind and fundamentally mute. They treated her with love and care but pitied the youngster because of her abnormalities. The director did a very good job of portraying the aggravation that would entail with obtaining to deal with someone who needed so considerably interest and could not live with no the constant help of the folks that love her. The burden was of big proportions and it is observed all through the movie.

The family ultimately came to a choice of acquiring a teacher that could come and attempt and bring some humanity to Helen. Her name was Miss Sullivan. Miss Sullivan took on the challenge and right away enters into the film trying to communicate with her. One particular scene that sticks out is the train ride from Boston to the deep south of Alabama. This long and rigorous train ride that took a number of days was portrayed as erratic and horrific. The director wanted to show the serious life adjust that was about to occur in Miss Sullivan’s life. Alabama was no Boston and Miss Sullivan was about to take on the greatest challenge of her life. She would attempt to teach Helen the beauty of language and what its like to knowledge the globe via words.

To say that the transitions of getting someone come in and modify your life in a way never ever dreamed of was smooth would be a lie. There have been a lot of scenes of conflict and childlike temper tantrums when Miss Sullivan would try to teach Helen words and how to have manners. The director was portraying how alter does not come effortless for humans. It is considerably less complicated to sit comfortably in one’s approaches. It requires a robust individual to alter one’s ideology and make somebody understand that the unknown can be filled with awe and beauty by no means even dreamed of. That is what Helen was about to encounter the day language filled her life.

In the biography of Helen Keller, Keller states: “Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of some thing forgotten—a thrill of returning believed and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew then that “w-a-t-e-r” meant the great cool some thing that was flowing more than my hand.”(Keller, six) On this day language finally cliqued in Helen’s brain. In the movie the audience sees the when helpless pitiful girl as an individual who can communicate. The director did a wonderful job in this scene. The happiness and joy shown by Helen and the loved ones can only melt the heart of these watching. Soon after the lengthy struggle among Miss Sullivan who has shown so considerably heart and patience with this girl, now has succeeded in what she and only she set out to accomplish from the starting.

The set and setting of the film takes place in the late 19th century, right following the civil war. The director offers it away when the family members occasionally refers to the father of Helen as “Captain.” The movie was made properly soon after color film was brought onto the marketplace. Yet, the director chose to film in black and white. This brilliant move was chosen to take away a single of the audience’s pleasures that most totally functioning humans can experience, which is getting capable to see full colour. The director knew that the audience would be watching a film on a disabled youngster why not disable colour so the audience can relate in a tiny amount to Helen.

In conclusion the story of Helen Keller is truly inspiring and heartwarming. To see an individual overcome such fantastic odds when practically nothing was going their way could aid the viewer believe that nothing at all is not possible. The director took on the challenge of obtaining a main character that could not speak, listen or see and nonetheless bring the character to life. He did a wonderful job casting the characters. As the audience followed along the story, it was simple to relate with the mother, father, brother or even teacher when items would get out of hand, or the moments when items seemed to be turning around for Helen. When comparing the story to the movie there are slight variations, but the main explanation is because in the story the reader is in a position to get inside Helen’s head even though when watching the film the director has to portray these thoughts into actions. Overall each pieces are incredibly completed and should be viewed by all folks to see that absolutely nothing can hold somebody back if they have the will and determination to adjust, even when society and life are saying it can not be carried out.
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