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Published: 14-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Tamil language

Tamils consider their language to be the “most pure” of the significant Dravidian Languages ( is undoubtedly not a popular language so I am going to share details about nations with Tamil speakers, how Tamil is used for trade, statistics on Tamil, how the Tamil language impacts the government, the culture of Tamil and the evolution of the Tamil language. Tamil is a very distinctive and old language.

Tamil is certainly not the most well-known language around the globe, but it is a popular language in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka ( ). The Tamil language is also well-liked in Mauritius and Canada. In addition to Tamil being spoken in these countries it is also spoken in some components of Africa. Tamil is actually an official language in all of these nations. So while the Tamil language is not really popular it is nonetheless a living and current language it’s just not quite well-known in most parts of the world. The Tamil language is actually ranked the 17th language around the planet. There are a myriad of countries in this globe but only 4 of them have Tamil speakers.

Trade is popular for Tamil speakers amongst India and Sri Lanka. India is Sri Lanka’s largest trading companion globally, whilst Sri Lanka is India’s second biggest trading partner in the SAARC. It is the number 1 source of supplies accounting for twenty percent of Sri Lanka’s total imports and third largest export location for Sri Lankan merchandise absorbing six percent of total exports ( Trade in between India and Sri Lanka is essential to the economic status of each nations. Tamil is an official language of each India and Sri Lanka. For that reason, trade is made achievable because there is no language barrier in between the countries. Tamil speakers also trade with Europeans by utilizing sea trade. Info about trade between Tamil speakers and other nations is in fact hard to locate. Trade is important to every single nation, so even although it is challenging to locate information about trade in between Tamil speakers and other places we know that there is trade happening.

hile Tamil is not the most well-known language it is nevertheless spoken by numerous men and women. It is spoken as a native language by 61.five million folks in India, mostly in Tamil Nadu and neighboring states, and in northeastern Sri Lanka, as effectively as by eight million second-language speakers (Ethnologue) ( The language of Tamil is not very popular but is nonetheless has not died out.

The Tamil language impacts the government due to the fact there is no language barrier. They are in a position to communicate simply because they all speak the same language. Tamil is quite rich in heritage and culture. The people of Tamil belong to the Dravidian family. The folks of Tamil take pride in their culture and try to safeguard their old history.

More than the years, the Tamil language has changed. The earliest known Tamil inscriptions date back to at least 500 BC ( The Old Tamil language began out as just getting written in two tenses, past tense and the “non previous.” The Middle Tamil language changed and began making use of the present tense. The Middle Tamil language borrowed words from the Sanskrit language. The Contemporary Tamil language has changed in a lot of methods. The Tamil language is nevertheless type of related to the way it was in the Middle age except for the way some words are pronounced.

In conclusion, I shared info about nations with Tamil speakers, how Tamil is utilized for trade, statistics on Tamil, how the Tamil language affects the government, the culture of Tamil and the evolution of the Tamil language.
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