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The Three Types Of Buying Situations Essay

As Kelly (2007 ) , the buygrid framework is the conceptual framework, which identifies the various combinations of buying stages and purchasing situations. It comprises three types of purchasing positions: (1 ) this original job, (2 ) the even re-buy, and (3 ) the modified re-buy, mixed with eight phases in the buying decision process. This framework serves as an simple model for visualizing the otherwise complicated business buying process and enables the seller to determine the important stages and place needing particular types of data.
These three types of buying places would be significantly different. Different factors may be in different places. Every moment when the customer is to make the purchase decision, buying condition may be different, it may or may not remain the same as the old one. This distinction between these two buying places may be caused by the lack of any or all of these following elements (LME, 2006) .
Finally, there are three major types of purchasing places, which are current job, modified rebuy and even rebuy. Three elements do that purchase situations be different from the others, customers may encounter several issues in these situations. Therefore, there are four important factors which are expected to affect consumer engagement. Each place would also have different types of factors which cause the consumer interest. All of the above indicates that consumer behavior do differ depending on the purchase condition. More research would be made on what firms will do to improve the consumer engagement while selecting their products.

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