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Published: 26-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Unique Ways of Using Pathos, Ethos, and Logos to Better Suit the Preferences of the Target Market in the Makeup Forever and Mac Advertisements

Most advertisements use a triangle of rhetorical strategies comprising of pathos, ethos, and logos to cast a profound impact and influence on the minds of the targeted purchasers. The cosmetic industry relies on the effectiveness of the rhetorical strategies to drive up sales and boost their industry access. The level of effectiveness applied operates as the competitive advantage in the corporate strategy. Two cosmetic brands, Makeup Forever and Mac have employed rhetorical strategies in their print and electronic ads to influence their respective marketplace niches with remarkable good results. A close-up analysis of the various strategies utilised shows that each firms have distinctive approaches of employing ethos, pathos, and logos in a way that suits the preferences of their target marketplace. Beauty items appeal to people’s sensibilities, which makes it acceptable for marketers to use approaches that enhance the psychological levels of appeal.

The Mac Cosmetics advertisement functions a conspicuous image of Miley Cyrus positioned at the center of the internet web page. The cosmetic items under the Mac brand are displayed in much less prominent particulars at the bottom of the celebrity’s image. As such, the impression accomplished by the advertisement shows that the use of ethos governs a important component of Mac’s method. The selection of Miley Cyrus image is meant to foster the impression that her glamor and beauty are somewhat connected to the use of Mac beauty items. Miley Cyrus is a renowned celebrity with vast fan base that cuts across several demographic categories. She appeals to adolescents, young females, and mature women in a profound way. Many of her fans would want to share or attain the identical physical attributes of beauty that have produced her remarkably glamorous.

For this explanation, the use of Miley Cyrus image has the impact of promoting the preference of the numerous cosmetic merchandise under the Mac brand. The image of Miley Cyrus crystallizes into a definite image of beauty that naturalizes inside the minds of the viewers and becomes inseparable from the high quality of the Mac items. The eye pencils, eye shadows, lipsticks, false lashes, and any other solution traded by Mac Cosmetics obtain an elevated significance because of their association with Miley Cyrus. In this sense, Cyrus becomes a silent, but potent authority that impacts the targeted purchasers with various levels of intensity. Despite the fact that the celebrity’s image stands out as the most predominant feature of the advertisement, it has the general impact of enhancing the impression of Mac Cosmetic products in the eyes and minds of the targeted shoppers.

The use of pathos in the Mac Cosmetics promotes the emotion of happiness and feelings of confidence, which are conveyed by the face of Miley Cyrus. To this extent, the strategists achieved a effective impact on the targeted buyers. In this respect, Miley’s facial expression becomes a signature illustration of glamor and beauty. Her beauty is revealing in terms of the calm composure that is common of a celebrated model. The effective use of pathos in this advertisement impacts the targeted purchasers at the emotional level. Naturally, the influence of pathos functions in a subliminal and subtle manner that convinces the target groups to embrace the solution without having conscious acknowledgement of the existence of such forces.

Proof of the use of logos on the Mac Cosmetics advert is shown in the use of textual details to describe the top quality of the numerous cosmetic goods. Some examples that illustrate the use of logos are the descriptive pieces of info that provide the merits of the cosmetic items. The data supplied is meant to make the reader apply their rational faculties in order to appreciate the positive aspects of the products. The details contained in the description consists of details on the functioning of the cosmetic products and their probably effect on the users’ bodies. The use of logos aims at convincing some of the targeted users who seek for more than the aesthetic and emotional appeal of the solution. The impact is primarily supplementary due to the fact it combines the advantages of pathos and ethos. In sum, the Mac Cosmetic actually employed all the combined impact of ethos, pathos, and logos to boost the appeal of the various cosmetic merchandise. Nonetheless, the use of pathos appears to be the most prominent and predominant.

On the other hand, Makeup Forever Cosmetics advertisement shows a balanced approach that combines ethos, pathos, and logos to attract, engage, and convince the minds of the targeted buyers with the ultimate objective of converting interest into sales. The worth of the cosmetic products is underscored by the sensational display of gorgeous models, colorful display of the cosmetic items, and resourceful info about the qualities of the items. The Makeup Forever advertisement differs from the Mac Cosmetics advert in terms of the quantity and top quality of the information applied. The sliding pictures of the models give this ad a comparative advantage because of the aesthetic appeal that comes with the advantage of variety.

The use of ethos is most evident in the use of three models with effectively-toned skins, different hairstyles, and varying facial expressions. In a profound way, the pictures of the models are deliberately propped up to convey an aspect of calm beauty and prestige. The composure is meant to convey some level of connection in between the beauty of the celebrities and the high quality of the cosmetic merchandise. The effect of the pathos in this advertisement aligns with the prestige and elegance of the cosmetic items in techniques that impart a good influence on the targeted purchasers. A single of the sliding photographs functions a beautician enhancing the looks of a model by utilizing one particular of Makeup Forever facial cosmetics. The portrayal of an professional performing a cosmetic process bestows a higher level of self-assurance that convinces buyers about the merits of the beauty product. The advertisement seeks to cultivate a higher degree of trust in the merchandise.

The Makeup Forever product also uses details to enhance the level of trust among the purchasers. The rational appeal is directed towards promoting the worth of the cosmetic merchandise through a understanding-primarily based approach. As a outcome, the effectiveness of these cosmetic items anchors on the powerful use of the 3 rhetorical strategies to enhance meaning. The Makeup Forever advertisement is packed with a lot more rhetorical specifics that operate effectively towards capturing the interest and interest of the marketplace. The publication was made with a unique advantage of assortment that engages the minds of the targeted customers on the rational, ethical, and emotional levels. The Mac Cosmetics merchandise have some convincing influence, but it is restricted in terms of its aesthetic appeal. Even so, each advertisements have their exclusive strengths that market the crucial objectives of imparting a good influence on the industry.
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