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Published: 18-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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The Use of the Archetype of Phil to Show the Ambitious without Passion Lifestyle in The Company Man, an Essay by Ellen Goodman

Ellen Goodman’s social criticism on the archetype of a corporate man who neglects family members and life for ambition is enhanced with her condescending tone and sarcasm.

Goodman makes use of the archetype of “Phil” to emphasize the automated lifestyle in an ambitious with out passion way of life. The way “Phil” is described in terms of extrinsic factors, such as “workaholic” and “overweight.” With this Goodman dehumanizes “Phil” and makes him a mechanic drone. “Finally and precisely” is repeated three occasions throughout the column and is only utilized to describe “Phil’s” death. This repetition of the distinct words are inforced to dehumanize “Phil” and show the lack of sympathy Goodman has towards him. The mathematical ambiance of “precisely” is emphasized as Goodman repeats the ages of all those, as properly as the specific time “Phil” died, ad the number log of the days he worked every are incorporated in the illusion of a logistic planet, with no area for emotion.The phrases give insight on Goodman’s disgust towards the corporate man who lacks humanity and the spirit of life.

Goodman reveals the flaws in an ambition-focused globe as she describes the monotony and worthlessness of the corporate actions. The operate atmosphere that “Phil” functions in is extremely competitive. “Phil” was “one of three who may well conceivably– if the president died or retired quickly enough– have moved to the leading spot.” These corporate guys are without compassion and view death only as an chance to advance. But, the afternoon of the funeral the boss which “Phil” had given his life to asked “Phil’s” three subordinates, who have been getting seriously considered for his job, “Who’s been operating the hardest?” The corporate world didn’t miss him or his efforts. “Phil” was just a tool to be employed, an automaton that functions till it dies and then is replaced. But due to the fact of his infatuation with energy, he forgot what was truly worth fighting for. Goodman reveals her heartbreak as she states the emotional tragedy that “Phil” had triggered with his neglection. He left a wife that had “given up trying to compete with his operate, years ago,” but has continued to miss him because that day. “Phil” and all other folks like him have spent so much time focusing, in a life that reaps no rewards, that they haven’t noticed humanity passed them by.

Ellen Goodman reveals her bitter attitude towards the kind of folks “Phil” represents to lead those that reside the same life style to recognize their lack of life. She writes as a warning to serve and guarantee that those who are headed down the exact same path take action and fill their life with the warmth of adore, ahead of its as well late.
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