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Published: 20-11-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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"The Walking Dead" review

Like most zombie movies, fictions, cartoons, at the starting of the comics of the Walking Dead, our protagonist woke up from a coma and located that the globe has changed. For a time, Atlanta became a dead city, a city of horror, corpses across the field, mourning all over the spot. The government no longer exists, the army disappears, the college hospitals are closed, the entire society is falling apart, the family has disintegrated, and the social type has returned to its most primitive state. Every thing is like returning to the origin of time. Living folks don’t know their spouses, lovers, parents, children, and girls. They don’t know if they have tomorrow, where is the meals, where is the living water, and where is the finish of the road. They live only for each moment of this life, and anytime they are, they will be thrown down by zombies and lose their lives. Nonetheless, in contrast to other zombie themes, there is no huge space to describe the causes and disaster development of zombies, but a direct transition to the end of the planet. This also indicates the operate. Despite the fact that zombies are the core factor, I think it is by no means the focus.

So I consider, I feel the focus of this comic is on the social relationship among individuals. It is trying to clarify and reproduce the context of the development of human society for thousands of years, how contemporary family members, society, nation, culture, ethics, and moral kind evolved gradually and faintly tells a brand new The story, that is, how to reinvent every thing as liberals and anarchists hope, to return human society to no government, no organization, and authority, no army, and police, no public facilities, no ethics Individuals have the freedom to do anything. The social type of a particular person is a single “person”. From this stage, how do humans rebuild social contracts and type a tiny cluster of ones, and then steadily type bigger social functional groups, from salvation to a mutual rescue, as a species, how in harsh situations to survive.

Rick, who was originally a policeman, was seriously injured in a gun battle with a fugitive and was in a coma for a couple of months in the hospital. When I woke up, issues were incorrect. Below the chase of the zombies, they jumped out of the hospital bed and died from the finish of the globe. A small group of men and women met on the road, such as his wife and son, who was rescued by his police colleague Shane who had a life and death. His wife, Lori, thought that he was no longer alive, and the grateful heart created her cohabit with Sean. The surviving of Rick has set off an emotional wave between these individuals. From right here on, the small group of the 20-person group was born and died. Rick became the head of this group of folks, to be safe for everyone’s life, day-to-day life, and travel, the subsequent place to go. The plot starts here, detailing the person personality traits and conflicts of these men, ladies, and kids. In the absence of law and with no authority, the weakness of human nature is exposed. Acting as a human difference tends to make everybody do almost everything anxiousness beneath higher tensions, dryness of people’s explanation and tenderness plus illness, hunger, danger, life, and death, crushing this life neighborhood nearly every single moment The Noah’s Ark in this vast ocean is nearly in danger of getting subverted all the time. From this, we can see how fragile the natural flaws between people are, and just not adequate to preserve an efficient social technique.
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