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Published: 07-12-2019

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Thomas Hobbes, Jean Jacques Rousseau, And The State Of Nature And The Act Of Men

Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan and Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality each supply contrasting theories about how men act in the state of nature. Hobbes’ theory is primarily based on upon the idea that human nature is naturally competitive and violent while Rousseau’s is primarily based upon the concept of man getting naïve. Rousseau’s view is a more correct portrayal of man in a state of nature as man would not naturally turn violent against every single other as Hobbes suggests.

Hobbes’ View

Hobbes’ view on man in a state of nature is a single that is competitive and violent. Hobbes states “And consequently if any two guys wish the very same factor. which nonetheless they cannot both enjoy, they turn into enemies” (Hobbes, Leviathan, 3). Hobbes is stating that when two guys in a state of nature both want to acquire the identical thing, they will naturally turn to enemies, which will lead to them attempting to destroy 1 another.

Hobbes believes that in a state of nature, there is no law and therefore no justice. Hobbes implies that a state of nature is a war of “every man against every single man” (Hobbes 5). Elaborating on this concept of war, Hobbes states that “The notions of right and incorrect, justice and injustice, have there no place. Exactly where there is no common energy, there is no law where no law, no injustice” (Hobbes five). Each man can do what ever he pleases to whoever he pleases and can acquire whatever he desires for as long as he can keep it.

Hobbes believes that there are 3 main causes of disputes – “First, competition secondly, diffidence thirdly, glory” (Hobbes three). Hobbes believes that want to fight in order to achieve, to make sure their safeness, and receive glory. Guys will use violence to receive yet another man’s possessions as effectively as to defend themselves and obtain glory.

In a state of nature, Hobbes refers to the right of nature as “the liberty each man hath to use his personal power as he will himself for the preservation of his personal nature” (Hobbes five). A man can use all of his abilities in any way his judgement compels him to do so. Males can act nonetheless they wish within their own reasoning. This also goes right along with Hobbes belief that “every man has a correct to almost everything, even to one another’s body” (Hobbes 6).

For Hobbes, being in a state of nature gives man every correct to act even so he feels is needed to acquire something he feels. Nothing is off limits to any man so long as he is acting inside his own limitations.

Rousseau’s View

Rousseau believes that, in a state of nature, man would not immediately have any information of excellent or bad as he states that “men in a state of nature, having no moral relations or determinate obligations with a single an additional, could not be either very good or undesirable, virtuous or vicious” (Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality, 5). If man was to be place in a state of nature, he would not be in a position to decide what’s excellent or negative, which means that he would have no set morals and no set way of making choices.

Creating off of his beliefs that man would not right away have any expertise of excellent or undesirable, Rousseau states that “Man’s very first feeling was that of his personal existence, and his 1st care that of self-preservation” (Rousseau 10). Man’s first aim in a full state of nature is surviving.

Rousseau argues “that compassion is a all-natural feeling, which, by moderating the violence of enjoy of self in each individual, contribute the preservation of the whole species” (Rousseau 7). Guys are naturally compassionate to 1 another as they do not naturally want to bring harm to those about them.

Rousseau believes that there are two sorts of inequality among man – “natural or physical, simply because it is established by nature, and consists in a distinction of age, well being, bodily strength, and the qualities of the thoughts or of the soul and […] moral or political inequality” (Rousseau three). The natural inequality is inequality that will usually exist. In a total state of nature, political inequality will not exist, but natural inequality will nonetheless be there.

For Rousseau, being in a state of nature will lead a man to act by means of compassion and self-preservation. Man is unsure of the differences among very good and poor and cannot immediately have any set morals.

Comparing/Contrasting Rousseau and Hobbes

While in a state of nature, Hobbes believes that man will act competitively and violent to obtain what he wants whilst Rousseau believes that man will naturally act by way of compassion and the require for self-preservation. Rousseau believes that it is the civil society that had produced man wicked as he states “as each man punished the contempt shown him by other folks, in proportion to his opinion of himself, revenge became terrible, and males bloody and cruel. This is precisely the state reached by most of the savage nations known to us” (Rousseau 14). This statement contrasts with Hobbes in that Hobbes believes that guys are naturally cruel to each and every other in order to obtain possessions, safety, and glory. Hobbes believes that a civil society is what stops man from believing that all males had the appropriate to all issues as he states “For ahead of constitution of sovereign power, as hath already been shown, all guys had correct to all factors, which necessarily causeth war” (Hobbes 12).

Rousseau’s and Hobbes’ views are comparable in that neither of them believes that laws exist in a state of nature. They differ in the idea in the sense that Hobbes’ believes that civil society causes guys to not be as competitive and violent although Rousseau believes that civil society is what causes guys to become cruel to a single yet another.

Rousseau’s view can be observed as naïve in that it assumes that man in a state of nature is neither excellent nor poor and has no moral relations with one another. Hobbes believes that males will naturally compete with 1 an additional to obtain the very same items and this competitors will undoubtedly lead to violence. Hobbes’ view can be noticed as usually lacking feelings and only using reasoning which is in contrast to Rousseau’s view which is strongly based on human emotions.

Why Rousseau’s View is A lot more Convincing

Hobbes’ views recommend that man is naturally wicked. His views recommend that guys who desire the identical issue will turn out to be enemies as they compete to attain it. Hobbes portrays human nature in way such that man is naturally competitive and violent due to the fact he does not know virtue. Rousseau denounces this view by stating “Hobbes had observed clearly the defects of all the contemporary definitions of natural proper: but the consequences which he deduces from his personal show that he understands it in an equally false sense” (Rousseau six).

Rousseau denounces Hobbes view on human nature by describing man in a state of nature being driven by compassion and surviving rather than competitors and violence. Rousseau believes that Hobbes fully disregarded the notion of self-preservation by saying “There is an additional principle which has escaped Hobbes which, getting been bestowed on mankind, to moderate, on particular occasions, the impetuosity of egoism, or, ahead of its birth, the wish of self-preservation” (Rousseau 6). Hobbes was by no means concerned with the idea that man would have to offer for himself and survive when discussing man in the state of nature. Hobbes instantly began discussing how males would want to compete with every single other rather than discover to survive themselves.

Related to man instantly competing with one another to in order to achieve what they preferred, Hobbes believed that man would naturally turn violent against one particular another to achieve possessions and glory and that this would only be stopped when a civil society was developed. Rousseau believes that men in a state of nature are compassionate as this emotion comes organic to man and serves to preserve the species as a whole. Rousseau’s argument is a lot more convincing considering that if what Hobbes says was accurate, males would consistently fight every other which would harm the species as a entire and make it difficult for it to prosper and survive. Rousseau’s thought of man in a state of nature is one particular that tends to make it so that the human species is far better able to survive and prosper.


Hobbes argues that the only way for man to get rid of their all-natural need to compete with one an additional and commit acts of violence is to establish a civil society. Hobbes states that “The final result in […] of guys (who naturally really like liberty, and dominion more than other folks) in the introduction of that restraint upon themselves, in which we see them live in Commonwealths” (Hobbes 8). His wretched portrayal of man in a state of nature is a fantastic example of why governments are needed in the very first spot.

Though he does a excellent job of portraying why governing bodies are needed due to his violent portrayal of man in a state of nature, he fails to adequately address some of the basic tips of human nature as Rousseau did when he discusses the concept of man and self-preservation.


Each Hobbes and Rousseau provide differing theories on how males act in the state of nature. Hobbes views that man is naturally violent and competitive are not as convincing as Rousseau’s views that man is naturally compassionate and driven by self-preservation.
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