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Published: 11-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Virginia his father was a prominent man who owned over 1,400 acres of land. His mother came from 1 of the well-known households in Virginia. As such, he had a quite comfy childhood devoid of any economic constraints. Alexander Hamilton on the other hand was born in Nevis as a second kid of a union between James and Rachel Hamilton. His mother had separated with her 1st husband before settling with Mr. Hamilton. Soon soon after the father disappeared leaving him with the mother who passed away a couple of years later. In contrast to Jefferson, Hamilton had difficulty during his childhood. He however struggled difficult to attain correct education with the help of a friend. The events that followed the American Revolution were a defining moment for both Jefferson and Hamilton.

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Harvie, January 14, 1760

In this letter, Jefferson intends to convince his guardian why he ought to join College. It need to be noted that it was this certain letter that opened a myriad of opportunities for Jefferson. He convincingly argues his case stating that an chance to join college will make him get “…more universal acquaintance which might hereafter be serviceable to me… (Cunning, 5).” According to Jefferson, his study in College of William and Mary was an amazing transforming knowledge in his entire life: “It was my fantastic fortune and what probably fixed the destinies of my life… (Cunning, five).”

Alexander Hamilton, Letter to Edward Stevens, November 11, 1769

This was a letter that would change Hamilton’s life for the best. In the letter, he stated why he wanted to pursue education. “… I am confident Ned that me youth excludes me from any hopes of quick preferment….but I need to prepare the way for futurity… (Cunning, 6).” In my opinion, it was his want to succeed academically that made him who he was. He did not enable his ugly previous to influence his future no wonder he plans for his future success.

Thomas Jefferson, Opinion on the Constitutionality of the Bill for Establishing a National Bank, February 15, 1791

In this letter, Jefferson seeks to convince on the value of establishing a National Bank that is not inconsistent with the constitutional provisions with regards to the establishment of the identical. He states the powers provided to the state among them “… A energy to lay taxes for the objective of paying the debts of the U.S…”and “… to borrow money… (Cunning, 55)”. He goes ahead to justify how important the National Bank will be to both the state and the citizens. He argues that “…a bank will give wonderful facility or convenience in the collection of taxes… (Cunning, 57).” This opinion paper led to several developments in the U.S treasury among them the establishment of a National Bank that played a significant role in making U.S a super energy. All taxes have been effortlessly collected by the bank therefore lowering the costs on each and every state thereby improving the economy of the U.S. This quote made a lot of sense to me considering that a government completely depends on taxes for that reason coming up with an effortless and secure way of collecting taxes was a confident way of enhancing a country’s economic bargain.

George Washington, Letter to Alexander Hamilton, July 29, 1792

Right after becoming appointed to the Treasury in the course of President George Washington’s era, Hamilton had the duty to guarantee that the country’s economy does not fall. In this letter nevertheless, the president highlights a variety of intriguing issues that Hamilton must respond to. These two problems got me pondering about how U.S would be nowadays had they not been addressed, “That the public debt is greater than we can possibly pay just before other causes of adding new debt to it will occur…(Cunning, 83).” In my opinion, this statement indicates that the state had the quick duty to reduce public debt in order to have a stable economy. The second quote “…That it has furnished effectual signifies of corrupting such a portion of the legislature, as turns the balance in between the truthful Voters which ever way it is directed… (Cunning, 85).” This implies that the government is corruptible and unless the Treasury took a firm standing, the economy and the government of the time had been bound to fall.

Alexander Hamilton, Letter to George Washington, September 9, 1792

In this reply to the president, Hamilton states that :

“…But when I no longer doubted that there was a formed party deliberately bent upon the subversion of measures, which in its consequences would subvert the government… I considered it as a duty to endeavor to resist the torrent, and, as an effectual indicates to this finish, to draw aside the veil from the principal actors…(Cunning, 96).”

This shows his readiness to take action against those individuals in the government who wanted to taint his reputataion brfore the president. Albeit with a lot of dishonesty the concerns articulated in the president’s letter to him- Hamilton argues that “…As long as I saw no danger to the Government, from the machinations which were going on, I resolved to be a silent sufferer of the injuries which were carried out to me…(Cunning, 97).” This was in relation to the accusation by the president that he knew the government was operating at a debt however he never pointed out to the president. This implies that he was a man of moral integrity because he took his time to unveil the masks behind his perceived problems with the president.


Hamilton and Jefferson totally changed the political landscape in the United States having worked difficult to ensure that they left a legacy. In spite of their typical confrontations on diverse concerns, they remain a wonderful inspiration to many politicians in the planet nowadays. They remain admirable political icons in the U.S with their bodies buried in the heart of country’s states.
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