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Published: 21-09-2019

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Traditional Greek Family and Their High Cultural Values in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a Romantic Film by Joel Zwick

My Massive Fat Greek Wedding is a romantic comedy that is set in the United States. It focuses on a traditional Greek household who holds their cultural values in higher esteem. The major character is Toula Portokalos, who is consistently belittled and reminded that she nevertheless is not married by her household. Her family consists of: Toula’s father (Gus), Toula’s mother (Maria), Toula’s aunt (Voula), Toula’s younger brother (Nick), Toula’s cousin (Nikki), Toula’s older sister (Athena) and Toula’s grandmother (Gus’ Greek mother). Ian Miller and Toula end up obtaining married, and Toula’s family members need to join Ian’s loved ones which is only his father and mother (Rodney & Harriet Miller).

The movie starts at Dancing Zorba’s – an genuine Greek restaurant owned by Toula’s family members. Toula is a middle-aged lady working at her family’s restaurant and is thought of as a failure simply because she is not married and has no young children. Toula absentmindedly operates at the restaurant and is heedless in her appearance. Ian Miller comes into the restaurant and Toula is captivated by him. Soon after the contact with Ian, and built up pressure from her household Toula has an whole life make-over. She alterations her look, her spot of employment and starts going to classes. She ends up meeting the man of her dreams and conflict arises with cultural difference among the two families.

Making use of Mark Knapp’s developmental model I will describe how Toula and Ian’s partnership came about. The initiating stage in the coming collectively phase occurred when Toula changed her place of employment. Toula tricked her dad and got him to let her to perform at the travel agency for her aunt Voula. One particular day although Toula was functioning Ian was in front of the agency and saw her, he was attracted. He tried to be silly and ended up receiving beat by an old lady with her purse. It ended up becoming silly anyways. When Ian came in to say hello to Toula, Toula attempted to go and greet Ian and ended up acquiring knocked down since her headset she forgot was connected. They ended up chatting on the floor for a tiny while, after the embarrassing 1st contact. The experimenting stage occurs subsequent, they go on numerous dates over the subsequent a number of weeks. Intensifying takes place as they get more intimate with each and every other. This whole time they have been maintaining there connection a secret simply because Toula knew her loved ones would have concerns since Ian is not Greek. During the Intensifying stage of improvement the connection is identified out, Nikki comes to the travel agency and tells Toula what occurred and how everybody discovered out, and that’s when the integrating state begins. Gus is mad at Toula’s selection like Toula did one thing to him. Maria explains to Gus that it just happened, and sooner or later he comes about. Ian asks Toula to marry him and she says yes. The movie finish with them in the bonding stage and receiving married.

Due to such large difference between the families, some conflicts arise in the movie. The conflict of nationality and religion arise with Ian not becoming Greek and much more certain Greek Orthodox. Toula’s household just has to suck it up and deal with him not obtaining Greek blood, but they do make him get baptized into their Greek Orthodox religion in order have their blessing. I would say Toula’s loved ones was straight aggressive and used decision generating with Ian in making him get baptized. It would have caused higher conflict if obtaining baptized into their religion was an problem.

Culture was an additional conflict within the two families. The opposites dealt with in the movie are American individualism and Greek collectivism. Individualism is the habit or principle of becoming independent and self-reliant. You see this with Ian’s family members, there a family unit of 3. It is hard for them be comfy with Toula’s large, loud loved ones. Collectivism is the practice or principle of give a group priority more than every person in the group. This is apparent with Toula’s proud to be Greek family members.

Toula and Ian’s connection seemed wholesome to me. There was 1 situation that went against what the bible teaches. Sex outdoors of marriage is sin. , that was the only principle that went against the Bible. There had been defiantly constructive elements of the connection. Ian showed Toula a lot of enjoy that strengthened her and broke down some of the lies she believed about herself. A single for instance was that she believed she wasn’t worth the work Ian was going through to obtain her family’s approval .Toula’s younger brother Nick even had to inform her she was worth it. There was acceptance for who each and every other was as a particular person and exactly where they came from, hunting previous the variations. Toula and Ian bring every other joy and I feel that is essential in a connection.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a film decision. It showed the struggle interracial couples have when they decide to bring their households together and tie the knot. In the closing noticed Gus stands to say a word at the reception. “You know, the root of the word Miller is a Greek word. Miller come from the Greek word “milo,” which is imply “apple,” so there you go. As a lot of of you know, our name, Portokalos, is come from the Greek word “portokali,” which mean “orange.” So, okay? Right here tonight, we have, ah, apple and orange. We all various, but in the end, we all fruit.” This is a stunning ending to the story where two folks in a partnership with such huge differences overcome by means of love, and acceptance.
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