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Traditional Teaching Essay

This back-to-basics conventional training method, also called traditional education, is still widely used in schools. This old-fashioned way of education was all about practice, for instance students could go in silence, while one student after another could make it in turns to repeat this instruction, until each one had been called upon. The instructor would listen to each student’s practice, and they were required to learn and memorize these assignments. At the end of the module a written test or oral exam could be conducted; the procedure was called the undertaking Study Recitation experiment.
Is there a connection between the traditional education program and conventional education methods? Abstract understanding process (cup ) are a part of the philosophy method that McKittrick talked about in their research paper titled Improving understanding in medicine: The efficient education process (1999 ) . In this method, students have the activity that first asks them to consider the question entirely. So they talk about the issue in teams of three, and eventually they talk about the answers from the different groups of three, as the whole class.
This perspective of the student where these STS advances are practiced make classrooms very different than they are where conventional education is practised. In conventional education the teacher determines which issues to consider, in what sequence, and in what ways. This instructor is that agency and students are the passive recipients. Conversely, students are centered in this STS way. Students make their personal questions rather than strictly relying on those questions offered by others. From their personal questions, student consider their own past understandings of the issue and issues.

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