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Published: 20-12-2019

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Tthe issues reflecting human rights in The Simpsons

Sometimes, people use cartoons to reflect on today’s society, speaking about issues and laws in a humorous way. The Simpsons is an animated sitcom that was developed by Matt Groening, who puts hilarity into the cartoon, to show the brutal satire of today’s society.

The Simpsons talks about a family members of five, living their lives in a tiny town called Springfield. The primary characters are Homer (Father), Marge (Mother), Bart (Son), Lisa (Daughter), and Maggie (Youngest daughter), which they all have various personalities, and diverse approaches of looking at factors. Homer is a quite impulsive individual, who does factors without having ever pondering about the consequences, and he normally has poor judgment on items that are apparently common sense. But, Homer’s wife, Marge, has a quite opposite personality than Homer. Marge is a loving and caring individual, who often cares about the family’s safety, and looking at things in a considerably mature way, which helped Homer from making several blunders.

The 3 episodes from The Simpsons, Girls Just Want to Have Sums, Much Apu About Nothing, and There’s Some thing About Marrying reflect troubles that exist in sex segregation, same-sex marriage, and illegal immigrants, where equal opportunity has taken a large element in reflecting human rights.

In the episode Girls Just Want to Have Sums directed by Nancy Kruse, has shown the audience that sex segregation has turn out to be a huge issue in the society. People tended to consider boys are smarter than girls, where they are in a position to decide on factors much better, and they are academic smarter than girls. The college decided to split up the boys and the girls into two groups that based on their genders, exactly where teaching the boys with standard elementary math, but kindergarten level of math to the girls. Lisa, the daughter of Homer, she doesn’t like to be treated like a princess in math, perhaps, she desires one thing more challenge in math. She jumped more than the wall to the boys’ school to find out, but was asked to leave, simply because she is not intelligent enough to be a boy. Lisa disguised herself to be a boy, then blended into the boys’ school. Later, she is recognized for her outstanding functionality in the topic, she then reveals her true identity to the complete college to prove that girls are intelligent as well.

The tendency of men to predominate in fields imposing higher quantitative demands, higher physical threat, and low social demands, and the tendency of females to be drawn to significantly less quantitatively demanding fields, safer jobs, and jobs with a higher social content are, at least in element, artifacts of an evolutionary history that has left the human species with a sexually dimorphic thoughts. (Browne) People should be treated equally, there need to not be who is far better than whom. Because everybody is various, men and women choose on, or to do issues primarily based on their level of experiences, and their capability. Folks, all, are born different and they are raised up differently by different parents with various values, norms and principles and possibly even in diverse cultures.

In the episode sex segregation has also been shown in Homer’s household, where Homer and his son, Bart, tended to be reckless, and irresponsible. But on the other hand, Marge and her daughter, Lisa, are acting very mature, they clearly know the difference in between right and wrong, and they usually know how to comfort Homer and Bart when they got upset. Any segregation will make some individuals uncomfortable, and there might not be anything advantageous about it. Specially with the younger generation, due to the fact they are nonetheless creating their knowledge, and segregations might eventually end up misplacing them into a group that they do not belong.

In the episode Significantly Apu About Nothing at all directed by Suzie Dietter, have reflected unequal opportunity troubles that were existing in the United States, where immigrants can not have the exact same rights than natives do. The episode started with, on a normal day, a bear walked into Springfield, frightening the whole town, and designed a huge sensation. In order to shield the citizens of Springfield, a bear patrol group was established, but folks started to see larger taxes and less revenue on their paycheck. Mayor Quimby, the Mayor of Springfield, told the citizens that the reason behind escalating of taxes is simply because the illegal immigrants, and he designed Proposition 24, trying to deport the illegal immigrants out of the United States. Apu, an illegal immigrant who operates at the Kwik-E-Industry, told homer that if Proposition 24 passes, then he will get deported back to India.

Apu is a extremely self-motivated individual, who came to America seeking better education and carried out with family hope, right after he finished school, he chose to stay in America to pay off his education debt. While under stress, Apu was forced to acquire a false United States citizenship. Even so, he felt he had disgraced his family, and turned down the hope that his loved ones had in him, then he destroyed the false passport. Luckily, he was in a position to pass the test and obtain the United States citizenship legally via the aid of Homer’s household, then became an American-Indian.

Moving aggressively beneath the new Federal welfare law to cut off state services to illegal immigrants, Gov. Pete Wilson right now signed an executive order ending those immigrants’ access to benefits ranging from public housing to prenatal care and youngster abuse prevention programs (Golden). The State of California passed Proposition 187 in 1996, which prohibit illegal immigrants from employing non-emergency well being care, public education, and other solutions in the State of California. But quickly, the law was repealed by Governor Gray Davis in 1999, simply because the law was found unconstitutional by the Federal Court. There are a lot of individuals who came to this country to fight for their American Dream, who hope to have a fresh start. America was founded by immigrants, which later declared independence from the British in 1776. That being said, every person ought to at least have equal opportunity as portion of their human rights.

In the episode There’s Something About Marrying directed by Nancy Kruse, have reflected on exact same-sex marriage is becoming a large deal in America’s society. The story began with Springfield has legalized identical-sex marriage to draw a lot more visitors into the town, soon, hundreds of gay and lesbian couples came to Springfield. But, Rev. Lovejoy will not marry any identical-sex couple, simply because he nonetheless believes that marriage is only between a man and a woman. But Homer, he overhears that he can make $200 per couple, then he registered himself to become a minister. He marries every same-sex couple in Springfield. One day, Patty, Marge’s sister, came to Simpson’s house, and told Marge that she is a lesbian, and then asks Homer if he is willing to marry her to yet another woman, Veronica. Marge is quite uncomfortable with this circumstance, due to the fact Pitty is her sister, and she by no means knew that Pitty was a lesbian. But Marge later discovered that Veronica is a male who disguised himself to be a woman. Marge was content, because now, her sister Pitty is going to marry a man. On the day of the wedding, Marge was touched by the vow from Pitty, but she didn’t want to lie to her personal sister, then she told Pitty that Veronica is male, who has been lying to her. Pitty was shocked and canceled the wedding. They came mainly in couples, holding roses, banners, rainbow flags and each and every other’s hands to join a throng of around ten,000 people. And as the clock inched towards midnight, on the methods of the city hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gay couples who had been in relationships for years counted down the seconds to the moment when their unions would be legally validated (Younge).

The State of Massachusetts legalized exact same-sex marriage in 2004. Ever since, America has turn out to be a country that allows identical-sex marriage. Till 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all state bans on very same-sex marriage, legalized it in all fifty states and essential states to honor out of state same marriage license in the case Obergefell v. Hodges. Men and women have fought over same-sex marriage for too lengthy, it is the right of very same-sex couples to marry and receive the complete rewards and blessing from other folks, specifically from the ones that they care about. To give individuals the freedom to pick their other half is making a much more expanded sense for what men and women hold as sacred and worthy of respect.

The Simpsons is a quite realistic and comedy show that reflects on today’s society by making use of their personal approaches of humor. The show talks about the issues that the society has. The 3 episodes from The Simpsons – Girls Just Want to Have Sums, A lot Apu About Nothing at all, and There’s Something About Marrying – reflect on concerns that deal with human rights, such as sex segregation, same-sex marriage, and illegal immigrants. Equal chance has taken a large part in America’s society in reflecting human rights.
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