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Published: 21-09-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Why I want to be a Chief

Navy Chief Petty Officers have officially been about given that April 1, 1893. Navy Chiefs are noticed as the linchpin of the Service and is usually regarded as the pinnacle of an Enlisted Sailors career. By means of this paper I want to address the crucial traits of a Chief, how I can make a difference in the Mess, the future Challenges of the Mess, and most importantly, Why do I want to be a Chief.

What is a Chief?

A Chief is a leader that has been crafted from lowest rank on the totem pole. They have been sophisticated via the paygrades and have demonstrated their technical information, willingness to lead, loyalty, and devotion to the Sailors they serve with. When a Chief receives their Anchors, it is an acceptance of even greater responsibility they owe to those in their charge.

Becoming a technical specialist is not some thing that you find out strictly by way of reading manuals. It is life expertise. It is rebuilding the equipment onboard a vessel or installation. An professional is in a position to analyze, troubleshoot, and repair equipment in an efficient manner even though undertaking it safely and in accordance with documentation.

A Chief have to have the willingness to lead. That does not mean just getting a manager. It means establishing subordinates and shaping superiors. A Chief will use their resources to make sure that Sailors are effective in fulfilling the mission. Loyalty can be a funny issue. It can lead individuals to do wonderful things, or it can destroy an organization. Loyalty to Sailors assists to make sure that Chiefs make decisions that are in the Sailors very best interest vs what they want. Blind loyalty does not comply with the concept of forceful watch team backup with a questioning attitude. It will lead down a road exactly where unethical or selfish choices are made at the expense of mission and/or Sailors.

Future Mess Challenges

Occasions are changing. Every generation of Sailors has observed significant differences between themselves and “these new Sailors”. You frequently hear it in phrases such as “Back in my day”, or “When these kids weren’t such pansies”. It does look that with American culture swiftly altering, the Mess will have to adapt to the “Social Norms” of the younger Sailors coming into the Navy. These Sailors are the ones who will sooner or later become the Mess in as small as 6 years. There are Rates whose advancement can occur so swiftly, the Sailors coming into the Mess may not have the maturity or social knowledge required for Mess behavior.

Generating a Modify

Being in the Mess does not mean always going with the crowd. Chiefs are leaders and not sheep. Yes, the Mess is one unified voice and body. Sure, there could some differences of opinion behind closed doors. No, you do not have to agree. I can be a very crucial person. It is anything that I have been functioning on. Critical with solutions can be helpful in the Mess. It leads to innovation, out of the box thinking, and keeps matters fresh. Becoming critical with gripes – well that only leads to hatred and discontent. I am not afraid to challenge the norms. I am also not afraid to have a small bit of exciting. Hopefully this brings a new power and perspective into what ever Mess I am turn out to be a element of.

Why Do I want to be Chief?

I know I am not the ideal Sailor. I know I am not the most Professional. What I do know is that I really like taking care of my Sailors. I love my Repair Lockers. I love Training my Crew to save the Ship and to save each and every other. I can not begin to count the times that I have been frustrated by the approach of which we do all the above. I want to be Chief so that I can spend forward. There has been a score of Chiefs who have ripped into me and saved me from myself. I recognize why now. All these Sailors are ours, they all need guidance and a firm shake. Some far more than other individuals. There will periods of time that I will be frustrated with my Division. And there will often be that one particular Sailor who shows so significantly possible and really uses it. And that Sailor excels beyond their expectations. When I met that Sailor for me it produced me want to be the Chief far more than I ever did prior to. I did my ideal to set them up for evals, boards, collaterals….I have observed how far they had gotten and that’s when I really realized that I didn’t care about my personal profession as a lot as I did theirs. That’s why I want to be a Chief, simply because I owe them.
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