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Published: 23-12-2019

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Important: This essay is not a finished work, it is only an outline that needs refinement and formatting.
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Why The Boykin And Schoenhofer's Theory Of Nursing As Caring Is A Great Model For Transformational Change

The nursing theory that guides patient care in my practice setting is Boykin & Schoenhofer’s theory of Nursing as Caring, A Model for Transforming Practice. This theory proposes that all men and women are caring and that caring is a procedure. In nursing, we knowledge nursing circumstances which are shared experiences that need caring from not only the nurse, but also from the buddies and household of the patient. This sort of caring enhances the nurse and patient relationship. It is instinctive for all of us to want to care for other individuals and it is up to nurses to discover the very best methods for carrying out so.

Our model in home wellness is to bring patient back to either their prior functional status or an enhanced status, and we attain this by our caring and our patient centered care. By teaching patients factors like how to take care of a wound, execute infusion therapy in the property to hold patient out of the hospital or how to use a glucose machine to check and document blood sugars, we collaborate with our patients and their caregivers to accomplish these objectives. Part of this caring theory is incorporating sufferers and their loved ones in the care employing proof primarily based practice. Caring is one particular of our Duke nursing values and caring is observed in our patient care delivery and extends to our patient’s loved ones and every single other. The notion of caring is that as soon as you as the nurse requires care of oneself by consuming appropriate, sleeping appropriate, realizing when to take a break and supporting each other as nurses, that translates into how you care for your individuals and their loved ones.

We continue this caring concept with our commitment to finding out, enhancing processes and using proof based practice in our practice. We collaborate with patients, their loved ones and other group members to provide the very best possible outcome for the patient by improving communication and by making use of the SBAR (Predicament, Assessment and Response) to communicate with other wellness care team providers. Element of our caring is observed in the empathy we demonstrate to our patients be it in residence well being or hospice, by means of comfort care, addressing the patient and caregiver’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being, or establishing relationships with our patients and their families. Component of that caring translates into continued development and studying to improve our nursing practice. Our nurses are authorities in their fields and they demonstrate this by continued education, certifications in the home overall health and hospice field and ongoing education.

We are patient advocates by supporting patient wants, and changes in our practice and the nursing profession by means of engaging in active dialogue and partnership with the patient, their loved ones, and every other. We practice shared governance, market healing and protected care environments for all persons, and honor our patients’ beliefs and values to assistance their healing, or dying want as we contribute to decisions which influence individuals and the organization.

Our nurses continue this caring model by means of their expert look as Duke Nurses in residence health. Our nurses mentor students and new nurses to market professional growth in our practice. We also use technology to enhance patient care and outcomes for our patients. This is why I feel we have such a excellent professional practice model at Duke.
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