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Published: 27-09-2019

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Why The Hashtag #Blackgirlmagic Became Popular

#BlackGirlMagic, #BlackBoyJoy, #BlackExellence, and #BlackLivesMatter are just a few recent trending hashtags that have turn into popular in recent years. These hashtags are examples of black empowerment in the technologies fueled 21st Century. One particular of the most popular hashtags is #BlackGirlMagic. In current years the hashtag has taken off and is utilised continuously to describe black women. In contrast to other hashtags this 1 has yet to die down, but rather is choosing up recognition and is in constant use. A individual definition of Black Girl Magic is “a variation of black excellence. Explains the automatic grace and wonderfulness that black girls naturally radiate with any and every single accomplishment, no matter how large or modest.”

Very first and foremost, Black Girl Magic was developed as a hashtag on Twitter by CaShawn Thompson in 2013. Black Girls exude magic in every thing they do. CaShawn penned the term of Black Girl Magic to “celebrate the beauty, energy and resilience of black women”. An etymological breakdown of the term “Black Girl Magic” is dark-skinned young individual with the art of influencing events and making marvels utilizing hidden all-natural forces. According to, the phrase Black Girl Magic was “created to celebrate the accomplishments and basic amazingness of black females. It is employed as an expression of positivity and empowerment.” According to Urban Dictionary, Black Girl Magic is defined as “The art of pure, unadulterated dopeness that every black lady exudes, which beholds not only her internal and external beauty, but demonstrates the glory of God the creator.” Whilst, the phrase has not yet produced it into official dictionaries, the term has been hashtagged more than ten million instances across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Moreover, there are numerous examples of Black Girl Magic in common culture. For example, Beyoncé has been one of the highest paid entertainers in the county with a net worth of 290 million dollars. Kimora Lee Simons was the initial black woman to independently own her own billion-dollar fashion business, Baby Phat. Michelle Obama was not only the first Black 1st Lady of the United States, but also a effective lawyer, function model, and fashion icon. Viola Davis was the 1st black woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama. Even the 19-year-old Simone Biles, who took home four Olympic Gold Medals and 1 Bronze Medal from the 2016 Rio Olympics exemplifies Black Girl Magic.

Nonetheless, even although the most frequent examples of Black Girl Magic are only seen in mainstream media, there are a number of examples of Black Girl Magic that may be considered modest achievements. From a black woman beating the odds and graduating from college to a young black girl graduating from kindergarten, that is Black Girl Magic. The black girl who passed a test she believed she would fail, is a prime example of Black Girl Magic. A black girl who simply appears and feels confident, is exuding Black Girl Magic. There is no stock instance of what Black Girl Magic, just like there is no stock example of what being a black girl is.

Ultimately, Black Girl Magic is not just a hashtag that is common on Twitter, Black Girl Magic is a natural state of being. Particularly becoming on a Historically Black University campus, like Hampton’s, Black Girl Magic virtually oozes down the walls and radiates throughout the campus. Numerous may doubt the magic of David Copperfield. Other folks may possibly believe that Harry Houdini was nothing at all but an illusionist, not a magician. Even so, no a single can deny the confidence, elegance, wonder, and beauty that all black girls exude, these things can only be explained by their Black Girl Magic.
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