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World War 2 Essay

World war 2 had greater death than any other battle in history. This battle had the lives of nearly 17 million soldiers and the even greater number of civilians, who died as the result of bombings, hunger, and intentional efforts of mass murder. This conflict also ushered in the nuclear era and was rapidly accompanied by the crash of the wartime pact between the United States and the Russia and the start of the Cold war. World war one produced the circumstances that led to world war 2. The treaty agreement ending the battle, which stripped the exchange Powers of region and weapons and took them to pay reparations, left enduring resentment in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Turkey. This peace accord likewise disappointed two of the winners, Italy and Japan. Additionally, this conflict badly disrupted Europe's economies and helped set this stage for the depression of the 1930s.
I think that Nazi was one of the greatest cases of World conflict 2. Although there are some different causes, he was unquestionably one of them. Another cause was this Treaty of Versailles. This was the pact that was ratified in the ending of World War 1. The pact outlined the principles that Germany must take because of their ending by Britain and France. Some Germans were angered by this pact, for most of the regulations at the treaty were unfair and Germany lost a good amount of property. One of the cruelest reasons for this conflict was nazi's racial hatred for Jews.
Without Hitler, the megalomaniacal leader bent on establishing the 1, 000- year German empire through military conquest, it grows exceedingly difficult to think that. Was World War 2 the sequel of World War 1? Identify some arguments supporting the idea. At the First World War most of the battle was restricted to EU. Through investigation I intend on demonstrating how world war 2 is the continuation of world war 1 and not the individual war all together.

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