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Youth Violence Essay

Juvenile violence is an increasing fear in our country. Aggression, as defined in webster's online dictionary, is the `` extreme, troubled or angry and often harmful act or effort of (personal ) power so as to injure or abuse. '' There is the growing knowledge that there is a constant increase in aggression amongst today's young, and with the increased care, gets some sources of blame for their actions, However, all but one are simply excuses. There is the need of hard evidence to help the process of hostility and violence in young Today Tragic events like these shots in Columbine High School capture national attention and fear, but are not typical of youth violence. Most teenage homicides are committed at inside cities and outside of education. They most often require an social conflict and a single person. Typically, six or seven youths are slain in the country every day. Most of these represent inner-city number youths.
This study examines The wide range of aggression including child abuse and neglect by caregivers, youth violence, aggression by intimate partners, sexual violence, adult abuse, suicide, and collective violence. One section is dedicated to each of these seven issues. This study also includes the statistical annex with people and location information derived from those WHO rate and Morbidity information and the list of resources for violence prevention.
Juvenile violence is an unfavorable childhood experience and is related to different kinds of aggression, including child abuse and neglect, adolescent dating violence, individual sexual partner violence, sexual violence, and suicide. Other kinds of aggression take common risk and protective factors, and victims of one kind of violence are more likely to have Different forms of aggression.

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