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Published: 30-11-2019

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Zymere Perkins Case - A Question For Child Welfare Agency

Zymere Perkins was a six year old boy who lived on West 135 Street in Harlem with his mother, Geraldine Perkins (26) and her boyfriend Rysheim Smith (42). His life was reduce short on September 26 2016 when he was beaten to death with a broomstick by Rysheim. This could have been avoided if it wasn’t for the carelessness and the unwillingness to adhere to process by ACS workers. On several occasions they had been called and informed, by Zymere himself and others around him of the danger he was in. According to an article on “Geraldine was the subject of five abuse allegations given that 2010”.

In the report by Yoav Gonen, Kirsten Conley and Danika Fears, on the “first of five” flags that was ignored was when Geraldine tested optimistic for pot the day Zymere was born. The second occurrence (but 1st report of abuse) was in June of 2015. An anonymous caller stated that Smith smacked Zymere “at least twenty times” at a picnic and verbalized threats of an “ass whooping at home”.

Numerous incidents such as the one at the picnic occurred in the following year. Zymere also told a case worker that Smith hit him at his mom’s friend’s property which was never ever followed up, as stated in the 27 web page report from the “States office of Kids and Family members Services”. He also stated that Smith utilised harsh punishments when he would “misbehave” such as beating with a belt, fixing him naked into a cold shower (whilst becoming smacked in the face by his mom) and creating him do five push-ups.

Another way ACS failed was that they did not contact relatives or correctly “document why they ultimately discovered the claim of excessive corporate punishment, unfounded.” Two months following ACS was named again when Perkins was arrested for assaulting another shelter resident.

On September 1st Zymere was interviewed by a caseworker where he stated that he was as soon as far more beaten with a belt. He said that it hurt, but he did not cry. Following this interview there was no effort to have a full physique verify completed on Zymere to verify for bruises and/or marks. From September 2nd to September 21st ACS had no contact with the family.

A supervisor later instructed a specialist to “contact the child’s mother and fathers loved ones to screen for domestic violence – none of this was done”. To add onto the scenario the case was closed before the 60 days provided for the investigation of reports.

Regrettably from this point on Zymere’s predicament only got worse.

During a property go to on January 28, 2016 a case planner noticed that Zymere had “no teeth in his prime gum”. His mother’s excuse was that he fell on ice at the park. Even right after this encounter the case planner nevertheless didn’t seek the required elevated risk conference with ACS.

One more incident in which ACS was named occurred when a school staff member notice suspicious injuries inside current months and also reported that Smith was identified to be rough with Zymere. It was reported that he had a fractured jaw, scratches close to his eye and knocked out tooth. When confronted with the injuries Zymere’s mom stated that he fell off a scooter and Zymere stated that he had fallen in the snow and his cousin hit him in the back nonetheless ACS did not reach out to the relatives or even his medical doctor straight.

In April 2016 Zymere showed up to college with bruises and scratches on both legs, his mom stated that he was out with his aunt. ACS by no means confirmed it and the case is closed 23 days right after it was opened.

It is reported that Zymere told ACS worker that he didn’t “get to eat good” and that when he is undesirable he receives bruises on his head and knees.

On July 28, 2016 Perkins met with a case planner for one final time. She stated that they would be moving to Massachusetts on August 1st. The case planner decided to close the case simply because of the move, which was never verified. Two months later Zymere’s life was taken from him.

My all round reaction to this case and my findings is pure disgust. In between the unfit parents and incapable ACS workers it seemed like the only men and women on his side were men and women who only had the power to report what was happening. The bystanders and teachers are the only ones who appeared to truly care. I’m my opinion there is no purpose for Zymere to be dead. ACS had numerous opportunities to assist him and ignored each one particular of them. If they would have followed up on reports and went via with investigations and interviews this case would have had a completely diverse ending. It frustrates me to know that there are individuals in the world like Smith and Perkins who have no problem treating a youngster, someone who has no other selection but to trust them for their demands, like that. If they didn’t want to or weren’t capable to care for Zymere they should have provided him to a person who would. There are lots of folks in the planet who could have given him the life he deserved and it is upsetting to know that ACS failed him and that he will not know what it is like to develop up about loving parents who only want the very best for him and will do something in their energy to preserve him out of harm’s way. To me, for an individual to be only six years old and have endured this significantly pain with little to know aid is tragic. It is totally unfair that ACS failed assist him and a lot of other young children like him.
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