TOP 105 Compelling Narrative Essay Topics to Impress your Teacher

A narrative essay is one of the most creative and exciting academic assignments. When you need to write a narrative essay, you get a chance to reveal your own point of view once using personal experience. This is one of the top tasks for students since a narrative essay allows avoiding all formal rules within a writing process. Still, it is very important to come up with great ideas for narrative essays when completing an assignment. It will help to submit a perfect final paper.

What is Narrative Essay Topic?

When performing a narrative essay, every writer should reveal his own experience. In the same time, the writer must show his personal experience within a certain context or reveal a life lesson learned. Therefore, a narrative essay paper requires life example, personal points of view, and illustrations. In such a case, a good narrative essay topic is the one you can write about and teach your audience once revealing a selected subject. Choose the topic based on your personal experience and life lessons learned. Make your paper really detailed and well-illustrated.

Why is it so difficult to choose a Narrative Essay Topic? How it works?

10 Tips for Choosing Narrative Essays Topics

There are many narrative essay topics you can choose from; thus you need to think a lot about your future theme. In the same time, choosing a proper topic is quite a difficult task. First, you need to select a theme you are familiar with, and the one you can write about a lot. Second, with chosen the topic for my narrative essay, students must reveal a subject in details. It is very important to provide enough illustrations, details, and other particulars.

List of sample Narrative Essay Topics in our Special Collection

We have analyzed a bunch of narrative essay topics to come up with the list of the most compelling narrative essay themes:

  1. The biggest fear in life
  2. The most embarrassing moment in life
  3. The most frightening experience in childhood
  4. Very unpleasant personal experience
  5. The things to be learned first in life
  6. Something to appreciate the most
  7. Memorable days with family
  8. The most exciting date
  9. People you can die for
  10. The love of your life
  11. Your success in numbers
  12. The biggest achievement
  13. The best person in your life
  14. The person you want to be alike
  15. Someone to care the most
  16. Memorable birthday party
  17. The best gift ever
  18. The first serious injury
  19. The day you have hurt your friend
  20. The day you have become adult
  21. People you miss the most
  22. The best childhood memory
  23. Favorite childhood fairytale
  24. Your favorite music
  25. Your favorite movie
  26. The story you want to become a part
  27. Your favorite book or e-book
  28. The first poetry learned by heart
  29. The day you learned how to swim
  30. Valuable adult possession
  31. Valuable childhood possession
  32. Favorite childhood hero
  33. The day you stopped believing in Santa Klaus
  34. Your biggest life achievement
  35. Your first day in the new school
  36. Memorable events at school
  37. Your favorite hobbies at a young age
  38. Your personal hero
  39. The best way to be happy
  40. Kindness is the best trait
  41. Being a part of a school/college team
  42. First day at college
  43. The first big party in your life
  44. The people influenced you the most
  45. The best friends ever
  46. The person who broke your heart
  47. The impossible dreams
  48. The biggest dreams and their implementation
  49. The person you want to be with
  50. Why do you want to become successful?
  51. The day you stopped being afraid
  52. How to overcome your own fears
  53. Your secret dreams and hopes
  54. People who care about you the most
  55. Did your teachers influence you much?
  56. The first serious breakup
  57. The first serious disagreement
  58. How to learn to love someone?
  59. The worst argument with friends
  60. First misunderstanding with parents
  61. First disagreement with a loved one
  62. People you do not want to let go
  63. The best trait of your character
  64. Dark sides of your soul
  65. The top life goals
  66. The people you have lost
  67. The first rejection in life
  68. Why rejection makes us stronger
  69. How to not become a coward?
  70. How to treat strangers?
  71. How to live after betrayal
  72. The biggest lie in your life
  73. The movie you want to play in
  74. Your preferences in people
  75. The best personal traits
  76. Stars you want to meet in real life
  77. Loving a TV character for real
  78. The day to make your dreams come true
  79. Your perspectives on sports
  80. Your personal obsessions
  81. The country you want to travel
  82. Favorite country in the world
  83. The first love trips
  84. The place you want to visit
  85. The most exhausting exam
  86. Meeting people from other countries
  87. Social media in your life
  88. Being a part of your favorite game
  89. How to use a time machine?
  90. Imagine yourself to become an animal
  91. Your favorite comic book
  92. The first job experience
  93. If you were a millionaire
  94. Something you have in common with parents
  95. The best talents and skills
  96. The most valuable lessons learned
  97. The most loving people in your life
  98. The personal creativeness and its benefits
  99. The first experience with a diet
  100. Why do we need to love someone?
  101. Travel that you like the most
  102. Caring friend and spouses
  103. How to discover your talent?
  104. The fictional character you want to be
  105. The song that changed your life
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