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How to Write an Argumentative Essay from A to Z?

Argumentative essay

Students stumble upon new writing assignments almost every week. You will not be knowledgeable enough to handle each task without proper preparation. First of all, you should experience the process of researching and comparing information. That is how you develop your critical thinking and the ability to analyze. However, sometimes you have to start writing right after you receive the task.

If you get an assignment to create an argumentative essay, it may scare you because of a lack of knowledge. You should quickly research the topic and start making a draft. You may find it confusing if there is no proper assistance. At EssayPay.com we analyzed students’ fears and made a guide on how to write an argumentative essay. Here is what you learn from our article:

  • What is an argumentative essay;
  • Critical elements of a paper;
  • The preparation process and how to manage it;
  • Writing process from A to Z;
  • Useful tips to improve the argumentative essay.

Stop wasting your time on ineffective attempts of argumentative essay writing. Our article is to help you manage writing a good argument essay from A to Z without troubles. Use this guide to avoid typical mistakes while completing the assignment. Ready? Let’s start learning!

The Concept of an Argumentative Essay

The first thing you may think about is, “what is an argumentative essay?”. An argumentative essay is a type of paper which is to state your position and present strong arguments to strengthen it. You should allocate enough time to pick up credible evidence and sort your thoughts in a logical order. You have to sound convincing to explain your opinion and ensure the reader you’ve got the point.

When you write an argumentative essay, you cannot neglect any element or constituent. That is because one wrong sentence or intonation can nullify all the effort. This type of paper develops the ability to research and present the information, so that sounds convincing and looks engaging. It is no doubt that writing argumentative essays helps students become confident and learn how to negotiate.

In the beginning, you can confuse an argumentative essay with the persuasive one. Both of them must sound convincing and present your point of view. However, the persuasive paper has to convince the reader your opinion is the only one right. There you have to place arguments and evidence that show confirms it. On the contrary, the argumentative type of paper is to explain the writer’s thoughts and give them significance. Nonetheless, you should not be persistent or intrusive.

Critical Elements and Types of an Argumentative Essay

To start with, you should define what type of argument essay you need to use. Depending on the type, there are different ways of presenting the information and discussing it. There are three types of argumentative essays you may choose between:

  1. Classical. It is the most frequently used type because it does not require any specific elements or ways of presenting the information. You must place a thesis statement, support it with a few arguments, and draw a conclusion to summarize all the ideas. You are most likely to use this type to perform in front of the audience if it does not have a solid knowledge of the subject;
  2. Rogerian. You are likely to use this type if you need to show the contrast between two opinions. Your task is to discuss each side of an argument and place enough arguments for your point of view;
  3. Toulmin. This one is used to convince the reader your opinion is the most appropriate. That is where you should focus on the links between thoughts and causal relationships.

When you choose the type of paper, switch to the critical elements you must include. Here they are:

  • Introduction paragraph. Make a little opening, present the topic of the essay, and add a hook to interest the audience. You need to gather people’s attention;
  • Prehistory. Mention the background the topic has. Explain the events or stories which led you to research the problem;
  • Thesis statement. Make a statement to show your opinion and mention the main points. Place it at the end of the introduction;
  • Support. Pick up strong arguments to explain your point of view. Find some credible evidence so that you can prove your opinion is beneficial;
  • Contrast. Discuss the opposite side of the argument and compare it with the first. Focus on the points that show your opinion is valid;
  • Summarizing. The last paragraph is to draw a conclusion and reinforce the thesis statement. Also, outline the main thoughts from your argumentative essay.

How to Prepare for Working on an Argumentative Essay?

The preparation process can take too much time if you have no idea what to outline. You have to choose the topic, find proper arguments, and pick up some credible evidence. Here is a list of preparation steps for writing a perfect argumentative essay.

  1. List a few possible argumentative essay topics;
  2. Think about the interest of your target audience;
  3. Evaluate your knowledge base on each topic;
  4. Think about significance and value of your topic;
  5. Evaluate the reasons you research the topic and problems you aim to solve.

Those steps will help you understand whether you choose the right topic to discuss. Also, work on the presentation of the topic and thesis statement. Make sure the topic is not only interesting and engaging but also beneficial to everybody.

Complete an Argumentative Essay from A to Z

If you are worried about how to start an argumentative essay, it is high time you got familiarized with the paper writing steps. You have to pick up the relevant topic, research it, and make an outline with an essay’s structure. Also, you should determine the purpose of an essay and problems you can solve with it. Let’s discuss each step in detail.

Pick Up a Topic

It is important to know how to choose the right topic so that it can interest the audience. Use brainstorming to come up with a few nice topics. Then, evaluate your knowledge base on each topic. Choose the one that sounds convincing and intriguing. Avoid using clickbait or invalid captions. Here are some examples of great topics:

  • The Government should limit plastic production
  • Teenage employment should be legalized
  • Students should not use smartphones during lessons
  • Internet bullying must be criminally punishable
  • Reasons why you should limit coffee consuming

If you need more inspiration, you can read our article with 110 argumentative essay topics, which is a must-see for every student and grab some great topic examples.

Gather Intelligence

Deeply research the topic to come up with strong arguments. Browse through the Internet to pick up proper evidence. Avoid using unreliable sources or articles. Make notes to compose a list of sources used.

Create an Outline

Make a plan on how to do an argumentative essay. Create an essay structure and fill each element with the essential data. Write down a few arguments you are about to use in the body part. Outline the opposite side of an argument.

Complete the Paper

Using the outline, create a final version of the essay. Follow the structure to discuss each element. Check the paper with the outline to make sure you did not miss anything.

Check the Paper

Edit and proofread the essay to exclude some possible mistakes. Check the next section to learn how to check the paper.

Steps You Should Take after You Finish an Argumentative Essay

When you finish writing an essay, it is high time you spent some time on editing, proofreading, and checking the logical sequence. Sometimes you can find loads of small errors while checking the paper. Here is an instruction on how to make an argumentative essay flawless:

  1. Read the paper two times to stress the obvious mistakes;
  2. Edit the essay. Choose a suitable format and style by following the requirements;
  3. Proofread your essay. Use short sessions to analyze each paragraph and exclude the errors. Ask your next of kin to check the paper;
  4. Check the logical sequence and causal relationships. Make sure there are no mistakes or inconsistencies that can confuse the reader.

If you do not allocate enough time to edit and proofreading the essay, it can cost you up to 50% of the grade. Remember, you can always order our argumentative essay help to make sure the paper is high-quality.

Expert Tips to Improve Your Argumentative Essay

We asked professional writers to give some tips that can help a student improve the essay. Those writers have loads of experience, so we have no doubt these tips will help you.

  • Write about what you like. It helps you stay inspired despite the challenges;
  • Analyze your target audience. This gives an idea of ​​the average reader, his level of knowledge and interests;
  • Shield yourself from irritants. When you write, do not answer the phone calls and avoid checking notifications. It distracts you from the essay;
  • Allocate enough time to rejuvenate. Distribute the working time evenly throughout the period you have to finish the project. It helps prevent emotional burnout.

Summarizing and Giving Extra Advice

When you get an assignment to write an argumentative essay, you should spend some time learning. Pull yourself together and make a plan on how to write an argumentative essay. In the beginning, you are likely to ask, “what’s an argumentative essay?”. Our article is the complete guide on completing the task from A to Z. Use it to get rid of doubts while working on the paper.

If you find it complicated to work on an argumentative essay, contact our online essay writing service. The EssayPay will select a professional writer who is experienced in that field. When you buy essay online, we guarantee high quality of the paper, on-time delivery, and free revisions. Feel free to ask for help – EssayPay.com writers are always ready to take up new assignments.

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