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Writing a Research Paper: Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a research paper

Every student has to write a research paper to finish the course and graduate. It is a versatile writing assignment because it evaluates the ability to sort information and use critical thinking. You have to analyze the topic, pick up strong arguments and evidence, and then summarize your ideas. If it is your first research paper, you are likely to be confused and feel a bit lost.

Here you will find the essential information on how to write a research paper. It consists of a research paper guide, proper structure, and a full explanation of the assignment. Here is what we will talk about:

  • What is a research paper;
  • critical elements and what should be in a research paper;
  • research paper topics ideas;
  • useful tips on writing a research paper.

We recommend you make notes while reading the article to prepare for writing. Shield yourself from irritants and focus on our guide for some time. Start learning if you are ready!

Writing a Research Paper: Purposes and Goals

To start with, you should get familiarized with the concept of the research paper. A research paper is a type of writing assignment that explains your statements, ideas, and propositions on a particular topic. Your task is to evaluate the extent of the issue, interpret it, and present ideas on how to deal with it. You should demonstrate a solid knowledge base and critical thinking.

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The purpose of the research paper is to show a student’s way of thinking and researching skills. You are about to work with large volumes of information and check sources for credibility. Although a research essay is quite a tricky assignment, it can help you put your best foot forward. If you make a proper plan and manage your time, you will complete the assignment and strengthen relationships with a teacher.

Skills you Should be Developing to Create a Great Research Essay

Now, let’s talk about skills you should have to write a good research paper. Despite the solid knowledge base you may have, it is also important to be skilled and experienced.

  • Organization. You should manage your time and day schedule, not vice versa. You will need to shield yourself from irritants and focus on the assignment;
  • data procession. You have to pick up loads of sources, check them for credibility, and choose the most suitable ones. You should be comparable to a notebook you are using for work;
  • researching. It is important to analyze the topic and look for different points of view. That is how you gather intelligence for a research paper;
  • evaluation. You should evaluate the sources and methods used throughout the research. Also, it is essential to explain why you consider one method more effective and appropriate.

Essentials of Each Research Paper

To start with, make sure you are familiarized with the critical elements of the research paper. You have to include all of them in your paper, or it can cost up to 50% of the evaluation. The right structure helps you make the text coherent and consistent. Here is it:

  1. Cover page (the first one);
  2. title page. Write your and your teacher’s name and initials, the title and date;
  3. abstract. This is an excerpt from the whole research paper;
  4. table of contents;
  5. introduction. Use it to outline the reasons to research the topic and paper’s purposes. Add a thesis statement which is your main statement;
  6. body part. Describe the process of experiment, methods used and conclusions made;
  7. results of research. Specify the findings and their significance in the project’s life;
  8. discussion and drawing conclusion; outline the findings and results of research;
  9. references/works cited list. Write down what sources you have used; add some ideas for further reading;
  10. appendix. This is not a necessary element, but you should use it if there are any attachments to your work.

It seems to be complicated to work with such elements. However, it helps you create a sequential plan or a paper outline. Switch to the next section to find out how to do a research paper from A to Z.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Great Paper from A to Z

When writing a research paper, you have to take a few steps. This helps you pay enough attention to each element and take each detail into account.

Learn how to write a good research paper from A to Z.

1. Write Down the Requirements

You should understand the task and its features. Write down the requirements and put them in front of your glance so that you always know what to do. If you have any questions or doubts, consult your teacher before you start writing a research paper.

2. Analyze Your Target Audience

Make a list of exemplary interests of your target audience. You have to understand who you are writing for. Write down the features of the average reader:

  • How old is he/she?
  • What are they studying?
  • What knowledge base do they have?
  • Can they argue on that topic?

As soon as you understand your audience, start picking up a suitable research paper topic.

3. Select a Topic

Use brainstorming to write down all the topics you are interested in. Avoid discussing something too complicated for your target audience. Also, you can start with a broad topic and define what you are most knowledgeable about. Browse through the Internet and literature to make sure there is enough material on that topic. Make sure there is no plagiarism in your topic.

Find some inspiration to come up with a few nice topics. Here are five examples of good biology research topics:

  1. Does our body shape depend on genes?
  2. Organ Transplantation: Medicine Against Ethics
  3. Can we inherit addictions?
  4. Is intelligence genetically determined?
  5. How does our nutrition affect DNA?

Look for more research paper topic ideas here, at EssayPay.com.

4. Gather Intelligence

Browse through the Internet to pick up some credible data on that topic. Make sure there is enough evidence to strengthen your statements and arguments. Look for some similar researches to refer to them in your research paper.

5. Write an Outline for the Research Paper

Create a proper research paper structure so that you can highlight each element. You should write down the topic and a few ideas for the research paper paragraphs. The outline helps you take care of each constituent of the essay. However, take your time to make the outline complete and coherent.

6. Come Up with a Thesis

A thesis statement is a central part of your research paper. This is one sentence, using which you should interest the reader and explain the main points of the paper. The thesis statement is, at the very least, a reference point that helps you move from one paragraph to the other.

7. Write Research Paper Paragraphs

When you come to research paper writing, start with an introduction. Then, switch to the body part of a research paper and put there your statements, arguments, and methods used. In the end, draw a conclusion to summarize all the ideas. Refer to a thesis statement and outline important thoughts.

8. Write a Clean Research Paper Copy

Use the outline to make a clear copy of the essay. Be careful not to miss any of the research paper elements. Ask your friend to read and evaluate the paper. A glance from the side is never superfluous.

9. Check Your Research Paper

After you finish the research paper writing, it is time for editing and proofreading. First of all, exclude grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Then, check the logical sequence and causal relationship in the text. Make sure you followed all the requirements and recommendations.

Also, pay attention to the style and format of your research paper. You are likely to use an APA style, but it depends on your college and teacher’s requirements.

Expert Tips on How to Improve Your Research Paper

You may encounter dozens of challenges when performing a research paper. However, it does not necessarily mean your topic is unsuitable, or you have gaps in knowledge. Even if you make everything right, there are loads of challenges you might encounter.

We collected a couple of comprehensible tips on how to write a research paper. They will help you manage your time and write an engaging research paper.

1. Shield the Irritants

Turn off the notifications, set aside all household chores, and focus on the research paper. Look at our guide and follow it step by step. Set the alarm to work for 1 hour without a break. Also, avoid getting distracted by your relatives or friends.

2. Set Goals

It is hard to research a topic you are not interested in. Set some goals you want to reach and understand why you want it. If you are motivated, it makes writing research papers easier.

3. Understand the Assignment

Read this article to understand how to write a research paper before you write an outline. Use a writing guide to put yourself together and calm down. Do not panic if you bump into some challenges. You can contact EssayPay.com and ask for help at any time.

4. Add Engaging Elements to the Research Paper

Consider writing a hook to interest the target audience. Remember, it is a research paper, so check the information for credibility. You might use statistics, famous quote, or diagrams.

5. Follow the Logical Sequence

When you proofread the research paper, make sure the text is coherent. If you confuse cause and effect, it will confuse the reader, and they will not continue reading. Consider ordering professional proofreading and editing help.

Write a High-Quality Research Paper

The research paper is voluminous work, so you should be patient and collected. Pick up an interesting topic and find credible sources with evidence. Do not aim to write it quickly because you can make some stupid mistakes. Consult your teacher before you start creating a clean copy of the research paper.

Also, we have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions. It will help you get rid of doubts you may still have.

As you see, creating a research paper is one hell of a versatile and complicated assignment. You are likely to encounter a lot of troubles while researching and comparing data. Also, sometimes you may get stuck in the middle of the assignment without an idea of what to do next.

If you cannot start or finish the assignment, contact EssayPay.com. Our writers have loads of experience in writing and editing. Using research paper writing service on EssayPay, you can count on constant support and on-time delivery. Do not miss the opportunity to get a high-quality research paper!

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